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The Right Strategy To Choose Table Tennis Rubber Only a professional table tennis player knows the importance of rubber in the game. A right selection could help you win the game and if you have chosen the wrong rubber; no matter how well you play, you will never get the desired results. Hence, it is essential to choose the right rubber for a winning performance. One is required to consider several key technicalities and laws to make the right decision. Here are some pertinent points which would help you in making the most informed decision with confidence.

Thickness Of The Rubber If you are an aggressive player and are used to playing fast power games, then you would prefer a thicker rubber. Generally all round players prefer a thickness ranging from 1.9 mm to 1.5 mm depending on the kind of game they want to play. Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber are the thinner ones. The thickness of the rubber plays a vital role in deciding the spin and speed of the ball after the hit. A thicker, spongier rubber sheet tends to create more spin. As per the ITTF rules, the combined thickness of sponge and top rubber sheet should not exceed 4 mm. Hardness Of The Rubber The degree of sponge tells its hardness. A lower number equates a softer sponge and the harder number means the sponge is harder. Majority of the table tennis rubbers are between the hardness scale of 25 to 45.

A softer rubber will provide greater speed at lower spins while a harder rubber is meant to give greater spin at higher spins. Beginners should go with a lower number to understand the game. Anti Spin Table Tennis Rubber This kind of rubber is specifically built to generate no spin after the shot. Contrary to the popular belief that it automatically generates flat shots, the rubber is built to reverse the spin of the ball and as a result the shot goes flat. These kinds of top sheets are normally thinner and harder than the regular rubber sheets. They are generally used by combination bat players and players who are beginning to become ‘modern defender’ players as it helps in dealing with fast loops and drives along with enabling the player to stump the opponent with changed pace. Two Color Rule Two color rubber rule was inducted since 1 July 1986 to allow the player to identify the side of opponent’s rubber with ease. Always keep these technical things in mind to choose the most suitable rubber for your game.

The right strategy to choose table tennis rubber  

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