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ANGELA GUAN This was my first world championships. When we played the team trials in February, I actually got 6th place. I was the coaches’ pick for this tournament. Overall,I’m just really thankful that I could come because it was such a great experience to represent the United States. At this tournament, I felt like it was such an eye-opening experience because it was my first time seeing so many people, so many countries. It’s like the best of the best, including a lot of choppers. I’m a chopper, a defensive player. I could see how there is so much potential with this style when I was watching the choppers. They are all world class players also, so that was a great encouragement. I could learn so much just from watching them. And, also at his tournament, I was watching and cheering for myteam, of course. But, watching, I just learned so much, so I am very thankful.I want to be more like them, for example, in terms of their patience or their footwork. I want to learn from their experience.

CRYSTAL WANG This is my first world championships. I had a great experience here. I got to play three teams. There were a few unfortunate matches where, if I had won, it would have helped the team advance. I learned a lot from watching all of these good players. I learned from my mistakes and that should help me improve my game. I learned more about what techniques I should use against different kinds of people.

Photos (left to right): Lily Zhang, Erica Wu, Crystal Wang, Angela Guan. Zhang and Wang photos by Diego Schaaf, Wu and Guan photos courtesy of ITTF Summer Issue/June 2014 •


USATT Magazine Summer 2014  
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