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The process of picking U.S. Junior and Cadet Teams includes (PHASE ONE) a qualifying single elimination round, (PHASE TWO) each player is in one of two round robins, (PHASE THREE) a cross over match pitting players against the other round robin, and (PHASE FOUR) the final match to determine final places. Eight players are named to each teams (Junior Boys, Cadet Boys, Junior Girls, Cadet Girls). This year, Lily Zhang qualified for the Junior Girls team based upon her World Ranking. That seven open slots for the Junior Girls’ team available for selectionn. JUNIOR AND CADET BOYS Thirteen year old, Kanak Jha entered the tournament as the top seed in both the Junior and Cadet Boys events. Kunal Chodri and Krishnateja were the second and third seeds in the Junior Boys event, an event that was deep enough by way of talent that only 150 ratings points separated the first from the tenth seed. There weren’t a lot of surprises in the event. Out of the Top 8 Seeds, 7 finished with a spot on the Boys Team or B Team. The only player outside of the Top 8 to push his way in was Billy Ding. Aashay Patel also maneuvered in a better position by jumping from 8th seed to the 4th position (and from an expected “B” finish to the last slot on the “A” Team). Like the Junior event, the Cadet event ended with three of the top four seeds qualifying as expected in the “A” Team, and all eight of those who qualified for the team coming from the top nine seeds overall. So who was the ninth seed who pushed his way into the top eight ? - That was Gal Alguetti. In fact, three Alguettis qualified in the 6th, 7th, and 8th Team slots -- likely a record for the most family members on a Junior or Cadet team. JUNIOR AND CADET GIRLS Prachi Jha was the story in the Junior Girls event. She entered as the fifth seed, but upset three players seeded above her on her way to finishing first. First and third seeds Erica Wu and Angela Guan finished behind her in the second and third positions in the event. 22


Lily Zhang, who qualified for the Junior Girls team based upon her world ranking rounds out the team. There were no major upsets. However, both Laura Huang and Diane Jiang (the 8th and 9th seeds respectively) pushed their way into the Top Seven and onto the team. In the Cadet Girls event, all eight qualifiers were seeded in the top nine. That ninth seed that finished in the top eight was Luvena Huo. The other surprises all revolved around how the top eight finished - where fifth seed Grace Yang surprised the field by finishing first and Joy Li (the 7th seed) moved up three slots to finish fourth - taking the last slot on the “A” Team. JUNIOR BOYS TEAM 1. Kanak Jha CA 2. Krishnateja Avvari CA 3. Kunal Chodri CA 4. Aashay Patel CA

CADET BOYS TEAM 1. Kanak Jha CA 2. Kunal Chodri CA 3. Newman Cheng CA 4. Victor Liu CA

JUNIOR BOYS TEAM B 5. Allen W. Wang NJ 6. Billy Ding Xu, WA 7/ Theodore Tran CA 8/ Jonathan Ou FL

CADET BOYS TEAM B 5. Krishnateja Avvari CA 6. Sharon Alguetti NJ 7/ Adar Alguetti NJ 8. Gal Alguetti NJ

JUNIOR GIRLS TEAM 1. Lily Zhang CA 2. Prachi Jha CA 3. Erica Wu CA 4. Angela Guan CA

CADET GIRLS TEAM 1. Grace Yang CA 2. Crystal Wang MD 3. Amy W. Wang NJ 4. Joy Li TX

JUNIOR GIRLS TEAM B 5. Amy Wang NJ 6. Diane Jiang CA 7. Laura Huang TX 8 .Tina Lin NJ

CADET GIRLS TEAM B 5. Laura Huang TX 6. Ishana Deb CA 7/ Luvena Huo CA 8. Xiyue Hu NJ

Photo (left to right) Kanak Jha, Prachi Jha, and both Jha’s with coach Stefan Feth

USA Table Tennis Magazine (2014 Winter)  
USA Table Tennis Magazine (2014 Winter)