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Annual Report 2014


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TABLE of PLENTY HMB Annual Report 2014 – 2015

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TABLE of PLENTY Roles & Goals

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2015 The Year in Review Expanding partnerships and achieving results page 5

Gross to Net Report 4th

Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser Page 6-7

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TABLE of PLENTY Board of Directors Officers, Directors, and Leadership Committees

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In the Beginning a brief history of the TABLE of PLENTY

The Priest and the Wine Merchant There was no brainstorming or long conversations needed to prompt the great idea! It was in the fall of 2012, when Fr. Charlie Fermeglia at Our Lady of the Pillar and Clyde Beffa, co-owner and wine director of K & L Wine Merchants. Clyde wanted to honor his mother’s life. “How about a WINE TASTING?” suggested Fr. Charlie. Clyde said, “Yes!”  and the rest is history. What followed in less than 6 weeks was the beginning of building a new level of community. People wanted to be part of the TABLE of PLENTY (TOP) and they wanted to join together to create it. The 3-hour WINE TASTING event raised a surprising $16,000. This “seed money” fully funded TOP’s first year serving a warm, healthy supper for struggling families, seniors and the homeless every Thursday evening in Half Moon Bay --- and what could be a more moving tribute to Clyde Beffa’s mother than to know her son is carrying on the legacy that she taught him at their table, “There is always room for one more.” Both innovators are sons of immigrant families. Both love cooking and good food. Both care about their community and the people in it  and they were raised by mothers who planted “the seeds” that shape who we become and how we see and care about the world around us. The TABLE of PLENTY emerged from this beginning. Our annual WINE TASTINGS have funded our TOP suppers throughout the year since 2012.

TABLE of PLENTY | Our 1st YEAR Sr. Jeanette Braun (Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur) was hand-picked to serve as TOP’s founding director by Fr. Charlie Fermeglia. She was new to Half Moon Bay and already had a full-time job, but her many talents made her the perfect choice. Fr. Charlie asked  and Sr. Jeanette accepted the challenge. Under her leadership in partnership with our devoted TOP all-volunteer team that showed up, the initial vision for the TABLE of PLENTY was fulfilled. Our first year as a start-up demanded a lot of hard work from all of us, but it also came with notable gifts: By raising our own “seed money,” we had independence and it meant that we could focus on creating a strong, sustainable structure and learn to serve others by learning to live within our means. Note: Our Brief History was adapted from “View from the TOP: Universal Principles for Building Community and Achieving Results” published in Leader to Leader Journal Spring Edition 2015; John Wiley).


Roles & Goals

The TABLE of PLENTY made four operational decisions that set our direction as an organization:    

Striving to create a memorable experience by transforming an empty hall into a beautiful dining room, complete with table cloths, fresh flowers, flatware and music. Establishing “loving one another” as a core principle. We honor the dignity of each person. Nurture the spirit of kinship with our guests creates community. Collaborating with our local community partners; we have developed a network of mentors, supporters, sources of food, volunteers, innovators, and new guests. We have learned that achieving goals matters. The three GOALS below have guided our results achieved each year. Building and keeping a TOP All-Volunteer Team that is second to none and operates with repeatable processes, making it possible to serve our TABLE of PLENTY guests with love and effectiveness. Controlling the rate of our growth, so we deliver excellence, within our budget. Proving TOP consistently can operate as a self-sufficient nonprofit since its first supper served in January 2013. This effort was rewarded when we received our official designation as a “tax exempt public charity” under the IRS 501(3)(c) effective June 17, 2015.

At the end of 2015, the TABLE of PLENTY began celebrating four years of serving struggling families, our elders, and the homeless from Half Moon Bay and surrounding coastal communities.


2015 The Year in Review Expanding partnerships and achieving results

The TABLE of PLENTY (TOP) had five notable achievements in 2015: 

SUPPERS SERVED: By the end of 2015, TOP served well-over 20,250+ suppers to struggling families, our elders, and the homeless in our coastal community. OUR TOP SERVERS ARE CERTIFIED!: ALL our TABLE of PLENTY servers now have achieved the distinction of being “Certified California State Food Handlers; two kitchen leaders also achieved “Certified California Food Managers.” IT’s OFFICIAL! TOP is a 50l (3)(c) Tax Exempt Public Charity: On June 12, in partnership with our TOP Leadership Team, we filed with the State of California for official nonprofit status. We received approval within 5 days. Inspired by our first leap of faith, we filed for acknowledgement from the IRS as a 501(3)(c) tax exempt public charity. We received approval on September 2, 2015, retroactively to June 17, 2015. It was heartwarming that our Half Moon Bay community celebrated this milestone with us! A NEW DOOR OPENED and the TABLE of PLENTY ENTERED: An unexpected change in policy challenged the TABLE of PLENTY to find a new location to host our suppers in less than 9 days. We went to a beautiful, one-year-old community center in Half Moon Bay at 925 Main Street. We asked the Executive Director if she would consider allowing us serve our weekly suppers at Senior Coastsiders facility, using their well-equipped, stainless steel kitchen and banquet hall. She opened her arms and warmly said, “We welcome you.” We moved in one day, inviting our TOP Volunteers and our TOP guests to join at the new location for a “Fall Picnic Supper & Town Meeting.” We never missed a supper and engaging our with our guests in the change, kept everyone from worrying…there was no speculation or uncertainty. We ordered Subways which we shared in the beautiful dining room that our TOP Volunteers transformed to look just like home. Together in partnership, we stepped into CHANGE together. 4th ANNUAL WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser Exceeded Expectations: The news of our new

location created quite a buzz. The story was covered by the Half Moon Bay Review. Our 4th Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser for the TABLE of PLENTY followed just 6 weeks after our unexpected move. All of our TOP community partners and people we didn’t even know showed up to support us. We attracted over 400 people for our WINE TASTING held at our new location. People wanted to be part of it. BOTTOM-LINE: We earned over $33,000 to fund our 2016 TOP suppers, plus a $5000.00 unexpected grant from Sunlight Giving foundation in San Francisco, who heard about the work of the TABLE of PLENTY HMB.


2015 Financial Reports


Gross to NET Revenue Report 4th Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser benefiting the TABLE of PLENTY HMB The TABLE of PLENTY (TOP) is a weekly supper for the hungry, serving struggling families, seniors and the homeless in Half Moon Bay and surrounding coastal communities. It was founded by Fr. Charlie Fermeglia in partnership with Clyde Beffa, Jr. in 2012. The TABLE of PLENTY (TOP) held its 4th Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser on Saturday, November 14, 2015. It was again hosted by Clyde Beffa, Jr., co-founder, wine merchant, and long-time resident of Half Moon Bay in partnership with Sr. Jeanette Braun, SND, founding director of the TABLE of PLENTY HMB. This is the primary fundraiser for the year and we have been blessed to earn enough each year since 2012 to fund our Thursday night suppers. This year, it was held in our new location at 925 Main Street at the Senior Coastsiders’ Banquet Room, where our weekly suppers are served. It attracted nearly 400 guests.

4th Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser | November 14, 2015 Gross Revenue Deposits in First National Bank Bank Deposits (Cash & Checks) EventBrite Online Tickets & WT Donations SQUARE – Tickets/Donations + Silent Auction/WL


$ Sunlight Giving GRANT received November 12, 2015

21,265.34 5,325.00 12,940.00 39,530.34 5,000.00

Note: This grant was unsolicited by the TABLE of PLENTY. The San Francisco foundation had heard about TOP and contacted us about 10 days prior to our fundraiser. We submitted the documentation required and received word it was approved by unanimous vote of the Sunlight Giving Board.

WINE TASTING Fundraising Gross Revenue

Gross to Net Report



(continued on page 7


Gross to Net Report


Expenses Processing Fees for Credit Cards EventBrite (EB and CC fees) SQUARE Credit Card Processing


398.51 410.22




415.00 393.94 497.05 264.03 299.28 400.00 .00 400.00 216.24 132.70 320.00 500.00 49.99 508.97 .00

Other Wine Tasting Fundraiser Expenses Advertising–CSF, radio/social media (Ck 1010, 1019, 1037) WT Tickets & Extra Taste Tickets (Ck 2015) WT Posters; WT Cards; TOP Story Cards (Ck 2014) WT Passports & Envelopes (Ck 1028) WT Table Signs Boards (Ck 1018, 1026) WT Volunteers–Parking Lots/Greeting Stations (Ck 1020, 1022) $200 Cash for Cash Box (Ck 1021–Return to Cash Deposit 11/16) WT Facility Cleaning- Grover Gijons per agreement (Ck 1024) WT Sign (Ck 1029) WT Photo Poster – Partners (Ck 1031) WT Security Detail (Ck 1038, 1053) Mike Rossi & HMB Band (Check 1239) WT Preview & Volunteer Training (Ck 1043) WT Buffet Ingredients prepared by TOP (Ck 1066, 1068) WT Wines, Cheeses, Desserts, Furniture Rentals, Printing Paid for by Clyde Beffa for 2015 WT Fundraiser ($4,076.00)

* Back-up documentation/receipts for each expense on file.

WINE TASTING Total Expense






The TABLE of PLENTY HMB, a Nonprofit Charitable Corporation was approved by the State of California and the IRS under section 501(3)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code to be a Tax Exempt Public Charity We are a separate registered 501(3)(c) Nonprofit Organization.


TABLE of PLENTY HMB Annual Financial Report 2014-2015 Income In November 2014 our 3rd Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser raised funds to produce 52 suppers, every Thursday evening in 2015 as shown below. Net proceeds from 3rd Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraiser



Donations to TABLE of PLENTY during 2015


(during period 1/1 through 10/6/2015 before 2015 WINE TASTING)

Total earned Operating Capital for 2015 Suppers



Expenses TOP Supper Production Expenses for 2015 TOP Supper and Kitchen Operations Expenses TOP Baking Supplies & Holiday Supper Supplies TOP Town Meeting Supper – New Location TOP Linens (towels, aprons, table cloths) TOP Supper Equipment – 100-Cup Coffee Pot & PA System TOP Photo Ministry

17,842.82 2,944.32 584.40 2,602.40 428.45 305.57

TOP Business Operation Expense 240.99 102.84 2,160.00

Postage/PO Box – 1-year Partner Planning Meeting Expense State & 501(3)(c) Nonprofit Charitable Incorporation Expense (Checks, Stamp, Agent Fee, Incorporation and Filing Fees)


Insurance – Weller O’Brien Total 2015 Operational Expenses



Summary: 2015 Income less Expense + 2015 Fundraising for TABLE of PLENTY Suppers for 2016 4th Annual WINE TASTING Fall Fundraising | November 14, 2015




Net proceeds from 4 Annual 2015 WINE TASTING Fundraiser (Fundraising period 10/7/2015 – 12/22/2015) Total 2015 TOP Operational Expense prior to 2015 WINE TASTING

Net earned OPERATING CAPITAL for 2016 Suppers





Board of Directors and other TOP Leadership Core Teams TABLE of PLENTY HMB, a nonprofit corporation PO Box 3693, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 |

Sr. Jeanette Braun, SND, President founding director, TABLE of PLENTY Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Debbe Kennedy, Secretary/Treasurer founding TABLE of PLENTY Leadership Team founder, Global Dialogue Center and Leadership Solutions formerly, distinguished leadership career with IBM Corporation author, Putting Our Differences to Work

Clyde Beffa Jr., Director Co-owner and Wine Director K&L Wine Merchants founder, TABLE of PLENTY in 2012 in partnership with Fr. Charlie Fermeglia

TABLE of PLENTY BUSINESS Leadership CORE Team Mark Cardinale Joan Cardinale Hank Haight Margaret Haight Debbe Kennedy John Wilmes


founder, TABLE of PLENTY in 2012 in partnership with Clyde Beffa Jr.; formerly a priest at Our Lady of the Pillar in Half Moon Bay; actively involved as a valued leadership advisor and as special guest at our annual WINE TASTINGS

Sr. Jeanette Braun Martha Drendell Carolyn Bettencourt Kennet Manuel Maryann McGuirk Laura Cole Veronica Rossi Maria and Fatima Machado Sheri Wagener

Charise Hale McHugh, ACE, Director


Fr. Charlie Fermeglia, Director

President/CO of HALF MOON BAY Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau since 1996. Partnership with TABLE of PLENTY since its founding.

Debbe Kennedy Maryann McDonald Dale Charnock

NOTE: The TABLE of PLENTY plans to add two additional Directors to our Board during 2016.

Effective June 17, 2015, the TABLE of PLENTY HMB, a Nonprofit Charitable Corporation was approved by the State of California and the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to be a Tax Exempt Public Charity. We are a separate registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization,


TABLE of PLENTY Annual Report 2015  

The TABLE of PLENTY is a tax exempt, nonprofit charitable organization. We serve a weekly supper for struggling families and for our elders...

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