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Library at The School 2010-2011


Left: Students use Alexandria Researcher to browse the library’s collection before going to the stacks.

Library Resources for Families Library Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm (Tuesday until 3:30)

Number of Books per grade: Third Grade: Tw o b o o k s per week. Fourth grade: Beginning in January, three books per week. Volunteer at The School Library! Contact us if you would like to find out more about this opportunity.

Fifth grade: Three books per week.

Upcoming Event: The first intermediate cafe will occur in November centering around the topic of Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson. Students in the intermediate division will be i nv i t e d t o s h owc a s e t h e i r knowledge through trivia and costumes. More details to come!


Novelist k-8 and World Book Encyclopedia. Access to Alexandria, the Library’s catalog and The School’s databases can be reached from home via the Inter net.

The library opens every morning at 8:00 for parents and students to use until time for class to begin.

The Library

maintains collection of gradeappropriate, multidisciplinary online d a t a b a s e s . These include: K i d s S e a rch , P r i m a r y S e a rch , CultureGrams, SIRS Researcher, 

Usernames and passwords are available upon request.

Stay Tuned for Author Visits, Family Reading in the Library and More! Email us any questions you have at and

library resources 3-5  
library resources 3-5  

This is a document outlining the check-out policies and hours of the library.