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Welcome To The Tabernacle November 11, 2012

Special Messages

Clarksville & Indian Mound Campuses WELCOME TO THE

CC November 13, 2012 6:30pm

Praise & Worship with Debbie Bales Come be a part of a “Great Move of God!!” (child care provided) Contact Sandi Sykes Connie Goodwin

Resurrection Breakfast Meeting CC November19th, 2012 7:00pm

& Announcements

Needing Volunteers CC Contact Soni Fairley IMC Contact Deloris Jackson or Melanie Denmark

Donate items for the gift boxes Cake Mixes, Canned goods, Stuffing, Instant Potatoes

Cook a Turkey or Donate a Frozen One Sign up Sheets are at Info Desk

NO SERVICE IMC November 21, 2012 CC November 22, 2012

Clarksville Campus

Indian Mound Campus

November 11th (SUN)

November 11th (SUN)

10am - Christian Education

11am - Worship Service

9am Services


November 12th (MON) 

10am -Intercessory Prayer Contact Barbara Clark at (931) 237-3835.

November 13th (TUES) 

10am –Intercessory Prayer Contact Barbara Clark (931) 237-3835

5:30am -Study The Bible-CC

November 13th (TUES)

With Pastor Daley.

5:30am -Study The Bible-CC With Pastor Daley.

9 - 11:30am - Staff Meeting IMC

9 - 11:30am - Staff Meeting IMC

6:30 - Thrive Youth Service For more information contact Pastor Derrick or Sonja at (931)542-2025 6:30am - Ladies Gathering Come be a part of this Exciting night!!! Debbie Bales will be leading us in Praise & Worship. Child Care Provided. For more information contact Sandy Sykes or Connie Goodwin

November 12th (MON)

November 14th (WED)

November 14th (WED) 

7pm - Join us as we Experience GOD As we Worship Him and Build a Stronger Connection as Pastor brings the Word.

November 15th (THUR) 

6pm - Bible Study with Alyssa Swan Located in the conference room. For info contact Alyssa at (931)305-1980

November 16th (FRI) 10am - Daughters of Zion Dance Team Practice every Wednesday from 10am - 1pm  6pm - IMC Youth Intercessory Pray For more information Contact Sandra Bell Come out and be a part of this movement (931)561-3400 of God as YOUTH PRAY!! For more information Contact Pastor G. or Barbara Clark November 15th (THUR) 

6pm - Pre Service Intercession Prayer Contact Maritza Austin

7pm - Join us as we Experience GOD As we Worship Him and Build a Stronger Connection as Pastor brings the Word

CC November 20, 2012 Come Join us!!

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Spotlight Testimony Jameelah Aziz I grew up in sunny Los Angeles County, California. Although I lived in the “City of Angels,” I didn’t always act like one. My parents have been divorced since I was an infant and I never got to experience a real, loving relationship as a child because my family was so full of dysfunction. However, I’ve always desired to have a loving family since I was a little girl. I was raised by my mother, who after trying a number of different religions her whole life became a Christian when I turned 10. Wanting to be just like her I decided to get saved when I was 11 years old and was baptized. I thoroughly enjoyed church, but when my mother stopped attending due to a negative experience she had with church members judging her, I stopped attending too. My father was physically in my life on some weekends and during summer vacation, but there was never any quality time spent with me or my siblings; he was always too busy. He never taught me about boys, told me he was proud of my accomplishments, or even told me I was pretty. The emotional absence of my mother and father caused me to begin to search for love in other forms. I would cling to anyone who showed me attention. I married a man after only knowing him a few months for all the wrong reasons. He began to deceive me, physically and emotionally abuse me, and had relationships with other women outside of our marriage. Having no identity of my own I stayed in the marriage for over 5 years even though I was miserable, solely because of my desire to have a family. I even tried to take my own life one night, but God caused my son Jayden (then age 2) to “accidentally” call my cell phone. Hearing him babble on the other end of the phone made me realize that my life had to change. God woke me up and made me realize what pain I was causing myself and my children and gave me the grace to escape the abuse. My ex-husband abandoned me and my children physically and financially; I was left to raise my children on my own…But God. This year I entered a new season. I finally found my identity and confidence in Christ. He has always loved me even when I didn’t love myself. I learned when my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up and adopt me as His child (Psalm 27:10). God brought me back into a relationship with Him. He also sent me a wonderful and Godly, Real Man (Frank Mitchell) who treats me well and treats my children as his own. He invited me to the Tabernacle but I was very reluctant to go because I was afraid of being judged just has my mother had been all those years ago. One day while in prayer the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to not be afraid. I listened and gave it a try and I’m so glad I did because I absolutely LOVE this church. I feel so welcomed. Now I am on my way to having the family I’ve always wanted. Just like God has never given up on me, I will never give up on Him. My walk with God is stronger that it has ever been. I’ve always known that God has had a call on my life and it feels amazing to be back on the right path. He is giving me back everything the enemy tried to steal away and repaying two blessings for each of my troubles just as Zechariah 9:12 says He would. Not because I’ve been good, but because He is good! I have a new zeal for life and am excited to see what God has for my future. It took me 30 years to finally understand what real love is… God is Love! His love is the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

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Bulletin 11/11/12  

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