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Letters to God / Q & A with Sharon Carter / Church History

LTabernacle Times. Brining God’s News to the Gentiles / March 2010

A look From the Past

Plus: An inside perspective from family church members on some very practical, but intriguing questions.

devotional A Prayer of the Afflicted (Psalms 102: V. 1-2)

I remember one Sunday morning seeing Flo holding Joseph (Josie’s youngest son), simply tending to his needs; as every young child requires love and affection. Then when Joshua (Flo’s youngest son) came and witnessed this, he ran off howling; as if his mother was stolen, ripped right out of his arms, never to be his again. I wish I would have seen his face, because it probably would have resembled that of someone’s witnessing an abomination. Unfortunately I was behind Joshua, facing Flo. I told Flo something in the matter of, “oh what neglect!” as we both laughed; and Flo went off to attend her son’s (more important than Joseph’s) life traumatizing needs. This memory came to mind, when I read about the Psalmist’s writing in Psalms 102: V 1-2. The psalmist cried out to the LORD that He: hear his cry of desperation, that He not turn His face from him, and that He answers his cry with haste. I can’t help but insert Joshua in this passage, in relation to his mother. And what is even more amazing is that the psalmist goes on writing about how lonely he feels and how his enemies are storing up against him; which just adds to the parallel of Joshua and Joseph. Nevertheless, to not reduce the word of God to a child’s adventure, there is something here that we all can receive from this story. In the passage, it talks about this individual who is in distress. This person is crying out to God with all his might that God hears and answers his prayer. Throughout each of our lives, there are times when we are so deep in our problems that we can but only look up, and cry out to God. In addition, there are also times when we feel like God is tremendously far from us. However, what is very reassuring is that, if you read beyond verses 1 - 2, you’ll discover how the Lord tends to psalmist’s needs; just as Flo did for Joshua. If you’re going through a hard time, or if you’re just curious to see how God soothed the needs of the psalmist, I encourage you all to read the rest of Psalms 102. And you too can rest assured, with me, that there is hope to be found in the promise of our LORD God, and His beautiful Son Jesus Christ. Blessings to all -


Tabernacle Times Team


March 2009

Vol. 1 Issue 1


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All of us from the Tabernacle Times team, would like to thank those who helped produce this magazine. We hope this issue is truthful, entertaining, and informative. But above all we hope that in some way, it will help strengthen you in your walk with Christ. All glory honor and praise be unto the LORD. CONTACT US: -Wednesday’s 7-8:30pm @Tabernacle Church18909 Soledad Canyon Rd Canyon Country CA 91351 2|Page


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Worship & Praise Forever Things to keep in mind about IHOP • A magnitude of events/ ministries you can get plugged into • A college university that specializes in many areas • Free prayer and worship webstream

So what is this “IHOP” I keep hearing about? No, it’s not pancakes, its prayer! IHOP (officially: International House of Prayer) is an organization basically: completely, and utterly devoted to worship and prayer. If

Things offered from IHOP

you’ve happened to visit our local VHOP (Valencia House of Prayer) and wondered what exactly it was all about; simply put, its prayer and worship 24/7.

IHOP–KC is an evangelical missions organization that is committed to praying for the release of the fullness of God’s power and purpose as we actively win the lost, heal the sick, feed the poor, make disciples, and impact the seven spheres of society (family, education, government, economy, arts, media, and religion). Our vision is to work in relationship with the larger Body of Christ to serve the Great Commission, as we seek to walk out the two great commandments to love God and people. (–about us)

So what then is the “Prayer Room”? The “prayer room”, being designed to correspond with David’s tabernacle (1 Chr. 22–24), is the place where people go to continually pray and worship. [Prayer room below…]

But what’s more important than you looking at pictures and reading about the prayer room, is that you can now

experience it for yourself. You can watch the prayer room online via webstream absolutely free! Aside from the fact that worship and prayer are some of the best ways to encounter God; and besides the fact that this IHOP movement is taking over this nation by storm; this webstream is an awesomely convenient way to engage in genuine worship, praise and prayer, at the click of a button. Find out more information at:

All images were acquired from the International House of Prayer website, and are solely used for informational purposes.


Happy Annunciation Day!!! Did you know that March 25th is the annual celebration of the day when Mary was told by angel Gabriel that she would give birth to God’s son? Gabriel told Mary that she would become the Theotokos (Godbearer), and that she was to name the child Jesus (Yahweh delivers). This event is most commonly observed with a feast called, “the feast of Annunciation”


Feeling tired? Lazy? Jesus can help with that too

We’re here to help…

Matthew 28: 19 It’s not an advertisement, It’s a command!


A Story of Faith Hope and Love Your heart will melt as you watch the story of how a mailman’s life gets turned around when he is continuously given letters, addressed to God, from a young boy suffering from cancer. Inspired from a true story, and by one of the producers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, meet “Letters to God”. You wouldn’t think, but what’s most awesome about “Letters to God” is that it’s another movie the whole family can enjoy. Think about it, how hard is it now-a-days to sit down in a movie theater and not worry about what new profane, seductive, and or violent scenes you and your family will experience. Fear not, because that is not the case for this film; mind you its rating is PG. Yet, what’s more shameful than the fact that most movies today are covered in filth, is the reality that families scarcely watch movies together at all. Come to think of it, do families engage in anything together anymore? What scares me, is that I think the concept of “family” is dying out in American culture. Honestly, when was the last time you witnessed people doing things together, joyously, as a family, willingly? It’s as if it has become some type of punishment.


Perhaps though, I’m taking things too far. And perhaps this is just someone’s strong opinion. Maybe so. But if that be the case, then I’ll leave you with this: instead of me telling you what your family is or isn’t, you decide. Does your family fit it to your own personal concept of what family should be? If not, I challenge you to do something together. If so, then I challenge you to reaffirm you family’s bond. After all, it’s always easy to convince yourself that you have a caring family; but have you convinced your family how much you care for them? If you were hoping to read a review about “Letters to God”, then I apologize because this is not it. But what’s more important than me trying to convince you to go see a movie, is the proposal of what the movie (and this article) stands for: people joining together, to discover the true meaning of life; with faith, hope, and love. Nevertheless, “Letter’s to God” is a breathtaking, Christian movie that everyone will enjoy.

Don’t forget to look for cool new media at your local Family Christian Store!


The Cast 1. Jeffrey S. Johnson 2. Robyn Lively 3. Tanner Maguire 4. Maree Cheatham 5. Michael Botlen 6. Baliee Madison 7. Ralph Waite 8. L. Derek Leonidoff





submitted by Charles

Gen 1:3 – God said let there be light and there was light Ps 27:1 – The Lord is my light and my salvation Ps 119:105 – Thy God’s word is a Light unto my path John 1:5 – God is Light and in Him is no darkness Isa 2:5 – Come ye and let us walk in the Light of the Lord


You saw our pain in times of need And hear our cries when we need be freed Our sin that binds us in this day We ask to be taken away Lend Your ear to those that follow. Our trust be in You Lord without refrain I pray you cleanse our souls of all dark remains Move Your mighty hand quickly over all our pains While you watch us day to day

--- Sharolee

Submitted by: Jonathan


BIBLE STUDIES 101 Below are some basic bible knowledge questions, let’s see how much you know? Questions 1. 2. 3. 4.

How many books are in the bible? What is the first book? What is the last book? What are the names of the books in the “Four Gospels”? 5. How many times did Peter deny Jesus? 6. Who was murdered, Cain or Abel? 7. In which book would you find the “Sermon on the Mount? 8. Noah is to Ark, as Jonah is to? 9. Moses Drifted down which river? 10. Who in the bible had a heart after God? 11. Who was the wisest man in the bible? 12. Who lost his strength when he had no hair? 13. Who doubted Jesus until he touched the holes in His hands? 14. Who was the beloved disciple? 15. Who prepared the way for Jesus? 16. Who is “ I AM ” 17. At the last supper, how did John know that Judas would betray Jesus? 18. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego were supposed to die in what? 19. How many wise men were at Jesus’ birth? 20. Who took “the road to Damascus” 21. Does Jesus know when He is coming back? 22. What is the greatest commandment? 23. Jesus said: “go and make _____ of the nations” 24. Who fixed their eyes on Jerusalem? 25. Did you do well on this quiz?



If you didn’t do well on the questions, now’s your chance to shine! Below is our “March-Mind-Mingler” challenge. Whoever is the first to solve this challenge will receive our Magnificent-March-Mpresent! Good luck…

The names of sixteen books of the English Bible are hidden in the text of the following paragraph. Can you find all sixteen of them? I once made a remark about the hidden books of the Bible. It was a lulu. Kept people looking so hard for facts and for others it was a revelation. Some were in a jam, especially since the names of the books were not capitalized. But the truth finally struck home to numbers of readers. To others, it was a real job. We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you. Yes, there will be some really easy ones to spot. Others may require judges to help them. I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them, and there will be loud lamentations when it is found. One little lady says she brews a cup of tea, so she can concentrate better. See how well you can compete. Relax now for there are really sixteen names of books of the Bible in this story.

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History: The SCV Tabernacle Church

Do you know your Family’s History? If someone were to ask pastor Nick Carter how he feels about our congregation, although he would say a lot, one thing he would say is, “we’ve got the heart of ten thousand!” Many times Pastor has talked about the size of our family, and some of the trials we face as a small congregation. But the one thing that has always been encouraging is how God continuously keeps this church held strong on His foundation. Even though this church is relatively new and not the largest, it has grown enormously. With that said, it is always important to review your history; remembering how we’ve come here and where we are now. So here’s a little of our church history. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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The Tabernacle Church The Tabernacle (officially " The Tabernacle of Santa Clarita Valley") is a local church which meets in the Canyon Country community of Santa Clarita. We began as a bible study at Pastor Nick Carter's house, and on January 18, 2004 we held our first Sunday morning service at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School. More than anything else, we focus on worshipping God. We chose the name "The Tabernacle" because the biblical tabernacle (lit. "dwelling place") represented the place where God met His people as they worshipped (lit. "served"). Now, as we believe, God is present and available to all who worship the Lord Jesus, giving themselves to him entirely. He is our vision. As members of the Tabernacle, we come from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. Pastor Nick committed his life into the hands of Christ while listening to an evangelist preach through television. After years of truck driving, he went to a bible school and began his seminary education. He was ordained under the Independent Fundamental Churches of America and later pastored a small church in the midwest. Eventually, he and his family made their way to Southern California to finish his seminary education at the Master's Seminary and serve at Grace Community Church. Later, Pastor Nick and his family became active at Granada Hills Community Church and counselors for the VIDA program in Santa Clarita, a program for at-risk adolescents provided by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Pastor Nick and his family started a bible study in their home during the fall/winter of 2003, and this eventually lead to the start of the Tabernacle early in 2004.


History: The SCV Tabernacle Church


Just as important as it is to look back on your church history, it is equally significant to know the insight of your church from its leadership. Often Pastor Nick has credited his wife, Sharon Carter, as the reason why the Tabernacle is here today. He has even gone as far as saying that “she could out-preach this preacher any day.” So we decided to get some insight from her:

Q .What was the key event that confirmed God wanted the Tabernacle Church? A. Sharon – One day I was listening to a children’s praise CD, and the song kept repeating “trust, trust in the Lord.” And as soon as they sang “lean not on your own understanding,” the Holy Spirit confirmed that it is time to go. I was so excited that I ran up stairs and told my husband “the holy spirit says it’s time to go!”

Q. What was the most memorable church service? A. The baptisms, even though they’re not really services.


Q. Are you proud of where we are today? A. Yes, because God has confirmed many times that He will bring the people that will build this church.

Q. What has changes most drastically since the first service up to now? A. Laughing Probably the people

Q. What do you hope to see for the Tabernacle Church 5 years from now? A. Really explosive! Close to constructing a building, and lots of youth!

Q. Do you have any regrets? A. No, or maybe I do for the people who left because they’re going to miss out.


Q. Did you ever feel envious of other churches? A. Ever? Yes, because it seemed like a lot of churches had fast growth and salvation.

Q. If you were to describe our church in one word, what would it be? A. Powerful

Q. If you could go all the way back to the beginning, would you do anything different? A. I don’t think so, because it was instructed from God since the beginning.

Q. Above all else, what is the one thing you would want our church family to know? A. We have the power within us to advance God’s kingdom, which would glorify Him.

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Knowing Your Family Hello’s from      

Nate Sage Sharolee Charles J.J. & more


Below are Sage and J.J. showing some love for their church • For some reason J.J. was wear plastic gloves… • There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear… - 1John 4:18

“I remember when they were so young, God is so good.”

We also interviewed some of the rest of our family. We hope you enjoy getting to know them a little bit more.

1. If God would grant you one request, what would you ask Him to give to this church? Sharolee – An unlimited amount of funds. I believe the church has been gifted in so many areas. Unlimited funds would be such a blessing J.J. – Youth leaders Sage – A band Nate – A worship team Frank – That all the time we would be able to hear the Holy Spirit in the same way we hear the wind. Charles – More members Sharon – Youth leaders Pastor – An unlimited amount of youth

2. Have you ever sat in the front row during any church service? Sharolee – Yes, usually when getting ready to go up on stage J.J. – Yes Sage – Yes Nate – No, but I will Frank – Yes Charles – Yes Sharon – Yes Pastor – Yes

- Frank

3. What is the most difficult thing about being a Christian? Sharolee – Being bold while I’m still dealing with my own hypocrisy J.J. – The commitment to the Lord Sage – The temptations of the devil Nate – Being a Christian Frank – Accepting yourself Charles – Nothing (because God is ever gracious) Sharon – Seeing people through God’s eyes and their hopeless situation. The pain God feels for the unsaved Pastor – Being real

4. What is the thing you look forward to most, every Sunday? Sharolee – Stopping by the liquor store to say hello to the managers (outreach) J.J. – Singing worship Sage – The fellowship of other Christians Nate – Seeing my family Frank – Aside from worship, the possibility that Sasha might say hello to me! Charles – Receiving more knowledge Sharon – Worship Pastor – Seeing my church family

What would your answers be? Picture of our church building and family

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5. What is the most interesting thing you find in our Pastor? Sharolee – His love for potato chips and ice cream J.J. – That he’s my dad Sage – He proves to people that you can be godly but still have fun Nate – Just him being a pastor Frank –The way he pronounces “onion” Charles – He never wears a suit Sharon – The passion he has for God Pastor – (the most interesting thing he finds in pasturing) Discovering hidden truths that God reveals in His word

6. We’ve all played the game, “which super power would you choose?” So, if given the opportunity, what gift from the Holy Spirit would you choose?

Sharolee – Going into Walmart between 2 and 3 in the morning J.J. – Becoming a Christian Sage – Hitting all the jumps I use to ride (bike riding) Nate – Confessing my sins Frank – Driving my car down a dark road with no headlights on (+25 MPH) Charles – Hiked to the top of Vasquez Rocks Sharon – The first time I gave someone the Gospel (she brought her dog along). And being obedient to God. Pastor – Intervening with a woman getting beat by her boyfriend

Sharolee – Brownies, rice crispies, and white cheddar cheetos J.J. – Spaghetti Sage – Sushi Nate – Tacos, spicy Frank – Lasagna Charles – Tacos Sharon – Pasta Pastor – I would make him a fabulous stuffed Cajun swordfish

8. Which person in the bible would you want to be?

Sharolee – The gift of healing. I find it fascinating to turn speech into action through healing powers J.J. – Healing Sage – The gift of healing Nate – To have to gift of patience Frank – That my eyes will be opened to the way things really are Charles – Whatever I’m given from the Holy Spirit Sharon – The gift of healing Pastor – To work through Him with the power of physical healing

9. What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

7. If Jesus was coming to your house for dinner tonight, what would you make Him?

Sharolee – Jonah J.J. – Angel Gabriel Sage – David Nate – Moses Frank – Joseph Charles – Jesus Sharon – John Pastor – Elijah

We Hope to see you all at church next Sunday! Remember, service starts at 10:15!!!!!!!!!!

May God look favorably upon, and bless you All.

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From the Pastor’s Desk Theme for the month of March

“March Madness” As many colleges around the country are awaiting word as to whether their school has placed for the upcoming college basketball playoffs, there are others because of their performance or the lack there of, that will be watching the games from the stands or televisions around the country. I use this sport example because it should be a continual reminder to all of us that it is not enough just to suit up as a Christian and go to church. We must be willing to engage all people at every level and with great anticipation expect the Lord to open to us a door of opportunity to share the gospel. We don’t want to be found by our Lord in the “bleachers of life” not desiring to share His truth. As we anticipate the coming event of Palm Sunday this month, what a wonderful reminder it should be to all of us, that if our Lord had taken and attitude of complacency regarding his community’s lack of response to his Father’s Word, would we today really have become recipients of Calvary. That’s something for all of us to ponder.

- Pastor Nick

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Prayer Requests

Some requests from the family to be in prayer about   

    

     

Pray for my dad and that he will be released as soon as possible –Sage Same (as above) - Jeremiah Pray that everything will be okay with me, my mom, my sister, my dad, and all my friends - Patrick Pray for my uncle William Wright that he heals quickly from his illness For my husband Marco, for his inflammation in his lungs - Lori For my husband to come back to faith That God leads our brother down a better path in his life For the BIH program, Tabernacle worship team, and Christians everywhere For my family to stay together and grow everyday closer to God - Maria My ministries For peace in this world For guidance and direction for all this year For the leadership team - Frank For grandma Carter

May God Be With You All - Tabernacle Times Team

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