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Celebra'on Sunday,  May  18  

This week,  Tabernacle  celebrates  127  years  of  worship   and  ministry  together!  We  hope  you  will  make  plans  to   join  us  on  Sunday  as  we  celebrate  the  arrival  of  this   important  milestone  as  we  both  celebrate  our  heritage   and  cast  our  eyes  forward  into  the  future.  Over  the  past   three  months  we  have  talked,  listened,  asked  quesDons,   wriEen  and  read  tesDmonies,  and  prayed  about  what   Tabernacle  means  in  our  lives  and  for  our  families.    Over   a  dozen  of  us  have  declared  how  the  Lord  has  led  them   on  paths  they  did  not  know  he  would  lay  out  for  them.       We  have  witnessed  growth  both  within  ourselves  and  in   the  congregaDon.    This  is  a  truly  inspired  Dme.  

God-­‐Sized Vision  Campaign  Q&A  

We welcome  your  quesDons  as  we  move  forward  with   our  God-­‐Sized  Vision  campaign.    You  will  find  a  Vision   Campaign  QuesDons  mailbox  and  blank  white  cards  near   the  sanctuary  to  write  down  your  quesDons.    Please  use   these  cards  as  a  way  to  communicate  your  quesDons,   and  we  will  be  certain  to  respond  either  by  phone  call   and/or  arDcle  in  the  TAB.    Be  sure  to  write  down  your   name  and  phone  number  on  your  card  if  you  prefer  to   receive  a  personal  phone  call.   The  quesDons  below  were  received  a[er  our  Vision  Event   on  May  4th.  



May 18th,  2014  is  “CelebraDon  Sunday”  where  each  of  us   will  have  the  opportunity  to  bring  our  building  fund-­‐ raising  commitment  card  to  Church  and  place  it  on  the   Lord’s  altar.      At  the  same  Dme  we  place  our  faith  in  God   as  we  look  to  changes  that  we  will  see  in  the  years   ahead.  


Thank you  for  taking  Dme  to  seriously  consider  your   financial  contribuDon  to  our  “Our  God-­‐Sized  Vision”.     ConDnue  to  pray  for  Tabernacle,  your  role  in  our  future,   and  how  we  all  work  together  to  realize  whatever  it  is   that  God  has  in  store  for  us.    The  Lord  knows  the  way  and   will  lead  us  towards  it.    On  “CelebraDon  Sunday”,  most  of   all,  we  celebrate  being  together  in  a  loving,  caring  family   of  people.  

! !

Ques'on A:    
 Has  the  church  discussed  borrowing  money  in  regards  to   this  (these)  projects?  (Especially  in  regards  to  pledge   commitments)     

Ques'on B:
 Are  we  going  to  take  out  any  loans  or  look  into  that   possibility  with  the  VA  BapDsts  if  we  don’t  get  all  of  the   funds  by  the  end  of  the  3-­‐year  period  or  do  that  to  begin   construcDon  early?   Answer:    
 The  Church  will  not  borrow  funds  (from  banks  or  the   Virginia  BapDst  FoundaDon)  to  finance  the  construcDon;   however,  we  may  consider  borrowing  against  the   commitment  amounts.  This  type  of  funding  would  have   to  be  approved  by  the  Church  and  analyzed  carefully.


 Will  you  be  beginning  projects  as  money  comes  in  or   waiDng  unDl  the  full  2  million  comes  in?   

 We will  wait  unDl  the  total  commitment  amount  is   known  before  deciding  how  to  proceed,  including   possible  phasing.   We  sincerely  appreciate  your  interest  in  the  success  of   this  campaign.    Do  not  hesitate  to  ask  any  quesDon  that   you  may  have!  

! Tes'mony: Cung  Thawng   I  am  thankful  to  have  a   chance  to  share  my   tesDmony  today.  First  of   all,  I  would  like  offer   thanks  to  this  country  and   the  Americans  for  helping   us  and  legng  us  stay   here.  On  behalf  of  my   family  and  the  Chin   Community  in  Richmond,  I   would  like  to  let  you  know   how  grateful  we  are  to  be   here  at  Tabernacle.  My   name  is  Cung  Thawng  and  I  have  two  sons.  I  was  in   Malaysia  for  about  13  years  and  I  was  jailed  three  Dmes   during  those  years;  one  Dme  with  my  wife,  Hlei  Iang.  We   were  sent  back  to  Thailand  but  since  we  were  not  able  to   go  back  to  Myanmar,  we  returned  to  Malaysia  again.   Because  of  the  love  of  God  and  with  the  help  of  UNHCR,   my  family  and  I  arrived  here  in  Richmond  on  February  11,   2009.     I  would  like  to  share  our  first  night  experience  at    the   Tree  House  Apartments  when  we  arrived  here.  It  was  a   liEle  depressing  because  of  the  coldness  during  that   Dme.  The  snow  came  heavily  one  week  prior  to  our   arrival  in  Richmond.  We  did  not  know  our  air   condiDoning  was  on.    Therefore,  we  had  to  cuddle  up  in  a   blankets.  Some  of  us  sat  on  the  couch  while  others  were   in  the  bedroom.  Thinking  back  those  Dmes,  it  was  a  fun   experience.  A  few  weeks  later,  I  met  Eric  and  Tee  Moo  at   an  ESL  Class  at  Colonial  Apartments.  We  learned  about  

there about  Tabernacle  and  came  to  worship  our  God   with  you.  We  were  warmly  welcomed  by  the  church  and   its  members.  We  found  happiness  and  love  here.  As  Dme   has  passed,  we  have  come  to  to  see  that  even  though  all   of  us  have  different  backgrounds,  we  have  a  strong  cord   that  binds  us  all  together  here  at  Tabernacle.  This  is  a   church  we  now  call  our  home.  As  a  child  relies  on  his   parents;  we  look  up  to  you.  As  you  welcomed  us  as  new   members  on  July  26th,  2009,  I  felt  as  if    was  I  was  coming   to  my  parents’  home!  Our  burden  and  worry  were   forgoEen!     I  can  sDll  see  in  my  imaginaDon  the  first  Dme  we  met.  You   worked  very    hard  to  welcome  and  communicate  with  us   even  though  we  did  not  speak  each  other’s  language,   and  yet,  I  could  understand  you  through  your  facial   expressions.  It  seemed  as  you  were  talking  to  us  in  our   mother  tongue.  Your  love  and  help  guided  us  to  to  a  path   to  who  we  are  today.  I  am  very  grateful  to  each  and  every   one  of  you,  especially  the  Judson  Sunday  School  Class   teachers.  I  would  also  like  to  invite  you  to  our  Chin   worship  service  on  every  Saturday.  Laura  Severns  has   joined  us  for  many  years  and  now,  she  can  even  read  and   sing  in  Chin.  I  would  like  to  thank  her  as  well.     Tabernacle  and  it’s  members  are  our  backbone,  strength   and  wellness……  like  the  well  of  Bethsaida.  I  find  peace,   joy  and  strength  among  all  of  you.  I  am  proud  and   grateful  to  call  Tabernacle,  “home”.  Perhaps,  yours  as   well.  I  truly  believe  that  Tabernacle  BapDst  Church  is  a   blessing  from  God  for  all  of  us.  I  know  that  you  all  honor   and  love  Christ  as  you  are  loved;  I  believe  that  we  all  go   forward  one  step  at  a  Dme  supporDng  each  other.  Take   care  of  one  another,  as  we  are  all  one  in  Christ!  I  believe   and  see  that  as  we  go  forward  in  the  future,  many  of  us   will  have  to  sit  in  the  balcony  during  worship,  as  there   will  be  more  members!  This  is  a  blessed  home!     I  am  grateful  and  thankful  to  have  you  in  our  lives,  for   everything  you  have  done  for  us.  Thank  you.  

! -­‐ Cung Thawng                                                                                                                                                   See  back  of  for  Cung  Thawng’s  prayers  for  Tabernacle  


How do  you  see  us  as  we  move   forward?  

music events  may  provide  a  cordial  way  to  get  to  know   more  of  those  who  live  nearby.    InviDng  our  neighbors  to   various  events  at  the  church  throughout  the  year  was   also  suggested.      

In this  final  TAB  arDcle  about  the  February  dinners,  we   take  a  look  at  the  responses  to  the  third  quesDons  asked   by  all  of  our  facilitators—“How  does  the  community  see   the  church?”    Your  parDcipaDon  in  these  dinners  was   important  to  the  Campaign  Leadership  Team  to  make   sure  that  what  we  have  in  mind  for  Tabernacle’s  spiritual   mission  is  a  close  match  to  the  thoughts  of  our  current   congregaDon.      We  have  grown  over  the  past  several   years,  and  we  want  to  be  sure  that  both  our  newer  and   longer  term  members  have  a  voice  in  our  approach  to   change.      Thinking  about  how  we  fit  in  our  community  is   certainly  a  key  consideraDon  in  our  plans.  

Finding ways  to  keep  the  neighbors  informed  as  we   launch  our  physical  changes  and  conDnue  to  grow  our   acDviDes  that  enable  us  to  realize  our  vision  is  crucial.     ConDnued  parDcipaDon  in  the  neighborhood  associaDon   is  one  of  those  avenues  of  communicaDon  within  the   local  area.    We  will  look  for  a  variety  of  ways  to  keep  our   progress  updates  available  to  our  neighbors  in  the   months  and  years  ahead.       Again,  we  thank  all  of  the  sponsors  for  the  Discovery   Dinners,  as  well  as  all  of  the  parDcipants  for  braving  the   cold  to  share  your  thoughts  and  ideas!    This  was  a  key   iniDal  step  for  our  God-­‐Sized  Vision  campaign.    As  we   progress  in  this  campaign,  we  will  make  every  effort  to   maintain  a  high  level  of  communicaDon  with  both  our   congregaDon  and  our  community.    

There are  two  consistent  responses  to  the  quesDon   about  how  the  community  views  our  church  across  all  of   the  dinner  notes:   •

We really  aren’t  sure  how  people  around  us  view   the  church  today.  

Cung Thawng’s  Prayer  for  Tabernacle  


We believe  that  we  need  to  take  a  more  acDve   approach  to  engaging  our  community  in  the   acDviDes  of  our  church.  


Probably the  most  obvious  spiritual  mission  that  our   neighbors  can  see  is  our  commitment  to  the   development  of  children  via  the  Childcare  Center.    They   see  the  red  and  white  strollers  rolling  up  and  down  the   streets,  and  they  see  children  playing  the  in  the   playground.    There  are  Childcare  Center  graduates  that   live  not  far  from  the  church—those  children  and  their   families  know  us  as  a  posiDve  contributor  in  our   community.  


I pray  for  our  pastors,  deacons,  and  all  of  our   educators,  as  they  guide  us  to  welcome   believers  and  non-­‐believers  alike.     I  pray  that  Tabernacle  will    continue  to   welcome  everyone  without  segregation  so   that  anyone  can  look  upon  us  and  be  drawn   to  the  heart  of  who  Christ  is  calling  us  to  be.   I  pray  for  the  ?inancial  resources  that  will  be   necessary  for  the  renovation  of  our  buildings   so  that  we  can  complete  the  project  without   burden.  

We serve  our  community  each  week  through  our  Clothes   Closet  and  Food  Pantry  assistance.    We  distribute   Thanksgiving  Baskets  every  November  to  about  100  of   our  neighbors  in  need.    You  suggested  that  we  look  for   new  ways  of  serving  our  neighbor  in  all  age  groups.    You  also  said  that  we  should  find  new  and  creaDve  ways   of  inviDng  those  near  us  to  learn  more  about  Tabernacle.       Including  neighbors  in  occasional  “coffeehouse”  type  

1925 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23220


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