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Spring / Summer Memorial

Creative Photography Project


Art Director Tarin Yuangtrakul Photographer Dollawan Rattanapakdeekul Photographer Assistant Napat Boonarpa Models Phraeon Sudswang Siripim Poolsombat Pimphan Sutthiprasertkul Make-up Artists Patranit Thongsatit Pitcha Mekseepralard Stylist Pitcha Mekseepralard Coordinator Jinnasujee Thongkum

BEACH CLASSIFIED Escaping from the shadow that chasing after me. I live in my same old nightmare. I am stuck inside my broken life and always wish that someone can hear my heart screams. Day by day, my days are collided. My only friend is loneliness. I see nobody, no one. No one can safe me, so I ran away.


Exhausting. I feel the deep sadness and lost inside.

Through this emptiness and darkness. Being me is so hard. It gets harder everyday. Too hard.

Living is so painful. I wish I could go away, far away from here.


Embracing cultures and spirits with flowers. I can feel the infinite freedom and great relaxation whenever I stay close to nature. Listen to what the nature is trying to whisper in my ears. They told me to follow my heart to the wild places within me, aspire to my dreams and live through my passions. I want to marry adventure and escape from where I came from. I close my eyes and feel the wind that touch my skin softly. What my heart wants today is seeing the sun rise from a mountain top and watch it falls to the sea at the end of the day.


Evoking the feeling of the free spirits. Embracing nature and scenes of flowers.The result is impressive and rich in texture of vibrant colours, textiles and contents.


Beyond the psychedelic art, rich brocades and vibrant colors of the most extravagant nightlife. There are many strangers but I feel like they’ve know me for a thousand years. The rich colors of light are shining around me. They lead astray and evoke my spirit that dancing beneath my skin. Everything is not the same. Do not hesitate for a moment to forget this women who now say without a trace of regret, Farewell.


Somethings last. Somethings always last.

I heard someone is whispering my name. Suddenly, I laugh. Louder and louder.

Location Huahin, Thailand


A photo book for Creative Photography class