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THYROID EYE DISEASE CAUSES, SYMPTOMS & ITS TREATMENT OPTIONS Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban is an expert eyelid, orbital, and facial plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Taban uses the latest technology to provide fast recovery times and a more natural look.

WHAT IS THYROID EYE DISEASE? Thyroid eye disease (TED) is an eye condition in which the eye muscles and fatty tissue behind the eye become inflamed. This can cause the eyes to be pushed forward ('staring' or 'bulging' eyes) and the eyes and eyelids to become swollen and red. Thyroid eye disease is sometimes called other names such as thyroid ophthalmopathy, dysthyroid eye disease, Graves' ophthalmopathy or ophthalmic Graves' disease.


The thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland sitting near the top of your windpipe (trachea) at the front of your neck. It has an important role in controlling the speed at which chemical reactions happen in the tissues throughout your body (metabolic rate). The thyroid gland can become overactive or underactive. This is most often due to an autoimmune disease.


Autoimmune thyroid disease

Autoimmune disorders are characterized by the body production of antibodies against normal tissue. Graves' disease is caused by an abnormal antibody attack on the thyroid gland which often results in over or under production of thyroid hormone. This same antibody can attack eye tissues and cause various eye symptoms.

SYMPTOMS OF THYROID EYE DISEASE • A feeling of grittiness in the eyes. • Dry or watery eyes. • Dislike of bright lights. Bags under the eyes. • Redness of the lids and eyes. • Difficulty moving the eyes. • Swelling or feeling of fullness in one or both upper eyelids. • Change in the appearance of the eyes (usually staring or bulging eyes).

TREATMENT FOR THYROID EYE DISEASE 1) Medicines If the disease progresses, you may need immunosuppressive medicines. These dampen down the immune system which is producing these abnormal antibodies. 2) Surgical treatment Thyroid eye disease have such severe disease that the optic nerve is compressed. This can permanently damage your vision. If this is the case, the doctor may decide to organise decompression surgery. This is a procedure that creates a space within the eye socket for the inflamed tissues to spread into. This relieves the pressure on the nerve. 3) Other types of treatment • Dry eyes – Use of artificial liquid tears can help. • Eyes not closing at night – Ointment, eye pads and taping the eyelids closed can help to keep the eye moist and protected. • Swelling around the eyes – Raising the head further at night with the help of extra pillows or raising the head end of the bed may help. • Double vision – use of special glasses with prisms can help; after the disease has settled down, eye muscle surgery can correct residual double vision.

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