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Questionnaire results

Other nationalities of construction workers that were seen in the questionnaire results were: Albanian, Byelorussians, Finnish, Italian, Moroccan, Polish and Romanian

Information for Finland and Lithuania was not available.

All of the companies interviewed in Estonia, Finland, Italy and Latvia offer work placement for students while 80% of the Lithuanian companies interviewed offer work placement for students.

In Florence none of the companies interviewed hire people with disabilities due to safety risks and the inability to follow national safety laws and regulations.

In both Italy and Lithuania 100% of the companies interviewed offer mentoring systems, followed by Finland, Estonia and Latvia.


most important thing that a student can bring to the job is the willingness and interest in learning and growing. Other important characteristics: basic knowledge of safety regulations minimal preparation and experience Correct usage of equipment Correct execution of tasks respect, responsibility, motivation, cooperation, discipline, effort and punctuality.

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The employees in all countries are expected to have a knowledge of work safety laws and they must also be able to work following these rules. First aid and fire prevention Participation in training courses to obtain required certificates. Understanding of risk factors and hazard awareness Knowledge of the company’s quality management system.


All companies interviewed follow national safety laws and regulations and some countries also abide by the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.


A few of the companies also have individual company safety and health systems which they follow along with the national laws.

The 5 most in demand professions in all countries: 1.Painter or plasterer 2.Tiler 3.Mason 4.Decorator 5.Welder Other in demand professions listed by the companies: manual laborers, stuccoers, electricians, machinery operators, concrete workers, installers, site and project managers, thermal installers and roof builders

Most companies prefer that new workers have already had a general training but would like them to be open and willing to learn and grow within the company.

The construction fields with the most lack of training in all countries are:

All companies in all countries prefer their workers to have multiple skills however specific skills paired with a set of general skills are more than welcome.

Each company expects their workers to speak and understand to a good extent the language of the country they are working in. English can be helpful as a second language followed by Russian or other used European languages.

Questionnaire results  
Questionnaire results  

Questionnaire results of construction sector. Compiled for COCOMPEUR project