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Ave Paaskivi

NGO E-Umbrella ď‚— was established in 2007 as the result of

Leonardo da Vinci program mobility projects to support arrangement of practical training in Kuressaare Regional Training Centre, to boost the quality of practical vocational training and to value the skilled labourers.

How it starts?  1st cooperation at Phare 2002 “ Development of work-

linked training programs and network in Islands regions in Estonia” (builder curriculum for work-linked training was worked out and 1st work-linked training courses were delivered). Cooperation with Primus PR .  ESF programm “Implementation of work-link training in Estonian VET System” –  6 building enterprises were assesed and 26 tutors got training to deliver 5 work-link training courses (2 finisher, 1 bricklayer and 1 construction manager).

Leonardo da Vinci program  2006 – MUNCORIC – Netherland - Mutual

understanding of content and organization in construction curriculum”

 2007 – COCOVET – Netherland and Belgium -

Construction enterprises common contribution to the training of skilled workers

 2008– KEY -“Implementation of changes into

building curriculum which are caused by changes in local enterprises needs.”

The aim of E-Umbrella ď‚— Is to increase the competitiveness of

enterprises and vocational school, to develop the cooperation between enterprises, to raise the quality of vocational training and to value trained workers

Main activities  Enchanging practical training quality in VET system  Working out common qualification system and payment     

principles Assesing qualification of employees and encouraging them to raise it Valuing and recognition of proffesions Coordinating of work placements Increasing cooperation between enterprises Organizing study visits

Activities .....  Arranging work placement approxmately for 40-50

students per year (10-12 weeks per student)  Pay allowance  Participating in assessments: (work placement, practical exams, qualification exams, competitions)  Involved in elaboration of assessment sheets, curriculum etc  Participating in the Estonian Builders Assosiation work

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NGO E-UMBRELLA Ave Paaskivi NGO E-Umbrella  was established in 2007 as the result of Leonardo da Vinci program mobility projects to support...