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Science of materials

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Materials characteristics (physical, chemical, mechanical and technological) Building materials Binding materials and fillers ( lime, cement, plaster, sand, grit, granite) Various types of mortars ( simple, complex, decorative, acrylic, silicone)

Science of materials    

Tiling materials (tiles, glues, seams puttying materials, silicone, acrylic, sealing materials) Painting materials ( types of paints, putties, pigments and their properties) Wallpapering ( types of wallpapers and glues, their properties) Façade decoration materials ( decorative and simple mortars, pieces of decorative materials - boards: wooden and plastic)

Science of materials

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Dry wall construction materials ( types of plaster boards, their properties and application) Insulation and waterproofing materials ( kinds of mineral wool and its properties: paroc, rockwool, isover, foam insulation: termolun system) Up-to-date decorative materials ( up-to-date products that are applied in the construction process)

Tools 

Plastering works: trowels, floats, plasterer’s hawk, darby, smoothing rulers, plastering machines, sieves, edging trowels, square, level, scaffoldings Painting works: various types of rollers, brushes, trays, ropelets for surface marking, level, rulers, pencils, masking tapes, putty knives, mixers for painting materials, sprayers, sandpaper, sanders, mobility scaffoldings Tiling works: darby, cutting machines (manual and electric), cogging trowel, glue mixers, cross distancers, ropelets for surface marking, levels, rulers, pencils, masking tapes, decorative tapes, electric drill for fixing darby.

Tools ď Ź

Wallpapering works: glue brushes, ropelets for surface marking, levels, rulers, pencils, painting tapes, small brushes, rubber roller for joining the seams, brushes for smoothing wallpapers, double cutting ruler.

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Dry wall constructin works: marking tools, folding meter or tape, level, ruler, ropelet, electric drills, knives, metal scissors, screws and nails.

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