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3rd meeting of Leonardo da Vinci partnership project ”Comparison of construction field curricula for easy work placement” – COCOMPEUR Place: Kaunas Construction School (Lithuania) Dates: 14th to 16th of September 2010 Participants: Annex 1 Program: Annex 2 MEETING MINUTES 14th of September 2010 Meeting of curricula workgroup Agenda: 1. Evaluation of project progress.

1.1.Website of outcomes – - done – new outcomes will be added continuously.

1.2.List of more required skills in construction companies in partner countries – result of company interviews – done- Kristi from Qualitas Forum Srl made conclusions and presentation which will translated by partners into their native language. Ave will add Kristi’s presentation to COCOMPEUR webpage.

1.3. Detailed description of competences in partner countries construction sector. – The result of curricula comparison. In application it is written that we should compare 4-5 curricula, so far we have compared only 2 as we couldn´t find more similar curricula. Qualification systems are quite different in our partner countries. Italian system differs quite a lot from systems of EST, LT, LV and FIN. In these countries curricula draw together different vocational skills but in Italy curricula are more concentrated to one specific specialty. In FIN, EST and LT are national curricula. Italy have some more curricula, Latvia has only these 2 covered already, no national. Estonia has very broad national curricula which includes lot of different specialties. The curriculum of decorator includes several different specialties (tiler, plasterer) what can be considered as separate modules and separate curricula. Homework 1,2

1.4. Comparison of safety demands. Consists of three different phases – first knowledge we got from company interviews, second from company visits and third phase is theoretical research of national laws, guidelines ant etc which are required by each country. Homework3

1.5. Comparison of methodology and technology. The hardest task in this project because we are visiting very different companies which are not comparable. It is possible to find these differences and similarities in curriculum comparison phase by describing materials and tools which are used in different fields. Also every partner should write down all differences appeared during company visits after each visit. Homework 4

1.6 Translation of final results into each partner native language. All final results will be translated into partner’s native language and will be presented in homepage. Homework 5

Decisions and activities for next period: Homework 1,2 •

Andres from Kuressaare will complete the comparison table and sending it to all partners so they can check the rightness of it. Latvian and Finnish workgroup will fill up empty rows in comparison table according the national/other curricula used in their home county. Deadline 27th of December 2010.

Every partner will prepare short overview about their qualification system and sending it to Ave. Overviews will be added to Cocompeur website. Deadline – 14th of January 2011.

Homework 3 •

Every partner will produce a description of its country’s safety demands and send it to Ave. Deadline 15th of December.

Homework 4: •

Ave will produce a document with differences Estonian partners have met during study visits and all partners can add their notes until the end of the project.

Every partner will compose the list of most common materials and tools which are taught in decorator and mason curriculum. Deadline 14th of January 2011

Homework 5: •

Final results will be translated currently. Final deadline 30th of May 2011.

Coordinators meeting Agenda: 1. Network between partners. Possible partnership for further Leonardo mobility projects. 2. Next meeting in Espoo 3. Final conference in Estonia, Kuressaare. 4. Dissemination. 5. Evaluation – look at construction WG meeting minutes 6. Financial issues, using the grant, additional mobilities.

Decisions and activities for next period (October 2010-January 2011) 1. All partners are interested in sending and hosting students. Detailed negotiations will be held between partners while compiling project applications. 2. Next meeting will take place from 18th to 20th of January 2011 in Espoo. 3. The dates for final conference will be 23.-27.05.2011. We try to start with tour in Tallinn on Monday (between morning until lunchtime), Kristi and Tomas will figure out the possible flight schedules and Ave will make agenda according to this. 4. Ave will prepare a evaluation questionnaire in and send the link of it to everybody. All persons involved in project should fulfill it. Deadline November 2010. 5. Dissemination - everybody should disseminate project progress on their webpage, if possible additionally in newspapers. In Cocompeur webpage info will be updated currently.

16th of September 2010 Meeting of curricula workgroup Agenda: 1. Comparison of curricula.

Ave Paaskivi Project manager

Minutes from Kaunas meeting  

Minutes from Kaunas meeting of COCOMPEUR project

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