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Materials, Tools and Instruments

Mechanical Masonry Tools • • • • • • • • •

mixer/concrete mixer power drill Dumper Crane Grindstone Various saws Excavator Scaffolding Tile cutter

Mechanical Masonry Tools • Shovel • Pickaxe • Rake • Hammer • Hatchet • Mallet/sledgehammer • Tow • trowels

Instruments for measuring and marking • Rulers and tape measures and rolling rule • Guage/ caliber • Spirit level and water level • Plumb line • Compass • Squares • Drawing pen

Other Masonry Instruments • Broom • Crowbar • Plaster trowel • Tongs • Arched saw • Chisels • Hammers • Pliers

Masonry Material MATERIALS FOR MORTARS (binders: gypsum, lime, hydraulic lime, cement; Inactive: gravel, sand, brick dust, pozzolana) ALL TYPES OF TILES (solid bricks, hollow bricks, hollow blocks, tiles, etc.). STONE BLOCKS AND SLABS (masonry and cladding) BLOCKS Lightweight concrete (masonry) CONCRETE FOR JETS

Masonry Material WOOD Carpentry (formwork and timber structures) METAL (for consolidation, reinforcement, new facilities) SHEET METAL (roofing, etc.) TILES AND OTHER MATERIALS (for floor and wall coverings) INSULATION MATERIALS AND WATERPROOFING (natural and synthetic)

Decorator Tools • • • • • • • •

Chalk line Round iron for plastering Plumb bob and line Sheet metal shears Trowel – planer Iron lima/file Spirit level handle (ruler with handle) • Palette knife

Decorator Tools • • • • • • • • •

Various paint brushes Pumices Chemin de fer Screeds Rulers Rollers Sprockets Spatulas Sponges

Decorator Materials lime

Brick dust


soap pigment Canary grass

Cementite stucco


wax Marble dust



IT_tools and materials  
IT_tools and materials  

Materials, Tools and Instruments Mechanical Masonry Tools •mixer/concrete mixer •power drill •Dumper •Crane •Grindstone •Various saws •Excav...