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ing Arts Center completed the vision of the Arts District, constructing a “village of the arts’ downtown, establishing Dallas as the only city in the world with buildings designed by four Pritzker prize-winning architects in one contiguous block, and creating a self-contained, pedestrianfriendly oasis in the heart of the city. (limited to 40; fee includes transportation) Arts District

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Sponsored by Thornton Tomasetti 111003 LUHs 2

Tour B: Classic Modern Dallas–The Rose Residence Since the early 1990’s, Dallas has been the backdrop to a number of homes designed by nationally and internationally recognized modern architects. Nestled among the trees and wide lawns of Highland Park, University Park, and Preston Hollow are grand homes with both historic and modern roots. On this tour, visit Antoine Predock’s Rose Residence. The house engages its natural surroundings and places the focus away from the street toward the green space of the creek behind the house. The whole house takes the cue of the owner’s fondness for birdwatching, in which the wide variety of floor levels and expansive tree-covered roof garden recall a tree with branches at multiple heights, offering distinctive views depending on where one is perched. (limited to 40; fee includes transportation) 111004 LUHs 2

9:30 AM–12:30 PM Early-Bird Workshop: From Blueprints to Greenbacks– Architecture as Business Michael Hellinghausen, AIA, Omniplan, Dallas While architecture is a uniquely creative business, there are nevertheless some business basics that apply to all design firms. Beginning with profit/loss fundamentals, participants will walk through an annual net revenue forecast, labor expense forecast, and overhead expense forecast, using these three components to build a fiscal-year financial summary, and then calculate key indicators for our industry. Participants will also review detailed financial reporting, and finally, use all of this information to complete a fun quiz. 111005 LUHs 2.75

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Annual Business Session Join members of the 2011 Board of Directors, Committee and Task Force Chairs, and leaders of related entities for a current snapshot of the health and organization of the Society. General business includes election of 2012 leadership, financial information, and highlights of the past year’s activity.


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