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Balance: Engaging the Immediate and Extending the Context Balance is fundamental. Much of our value to society centers in our ability to discover equilibrium. Whether we are composing an elevation, organizing user requests, resolving gravitational forces, managing business objectives, or adjudicating deeply-held beliefs, we are constantly seeking balance as architects. Our professional title is itself about balance. The architecton is literally the “master builder”—the one who places one piece together with another into an overarching vision. Details must be balanced in the holistic idea. Vitruvius was talking about balance when he urged that buildings must be solid, useful and beautiful. When we are at our best, architects engage the immediate details, extend the context of possibility, and balance it all with grace. We are tightrope walkers. We navigate between client groups, neighborhood associations, code officials, consultants, special interests, and lawmakers. Like the best aerial walkers, we must be technically proficient, we must carry the vision, and we must be graceful. Our best projects address the details at hand while responding well beyond the property lines of our sites. . .they anticipate future generations; they leverage our clients’ resources; they extend relationships into forging new ways of collaborating. It is that kind of thinking—beyond the property lines—beyond now, beyond here, beyond who we now know, and beyond what we now have that typifies our work. Now as we converge on Dallas, a city famous for thinking big and living large, it is inspiring to see balance here too. In 1841, when Tennessee attorney John Neely Bryan laid claim to 640 acres and sketched out a 20-street town with a courthouse square, he could not have imagined his Dallas 170 years later. A thriving national hub for commerce and industry and quickly becoming a center for arts and culture, Dallas is thinking big and living large in countless, new, balanced ways. scan for video With stirring keynote speakers, invigorating tours, stimulating sessions, exciting new products and services, and affirming fellowship, this is an opportunity for you to find balance. Engage your convention and extend your context. Balance is a beautiful thing.

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Texas Architects' Convention: 2011 Registration Guide  

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