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Volunteer To Help a Student Mentor a Student Members have a unique opportunity to spend some convention time with an architectural student. Student registrants will express their wish to be paired with an architect or associate member at the convention. Your commitment requires only a little time and a small amount of money. Mentors will spend a few hours on Friday (preferably in the Expo) helping the student understand what convention offers and how to get the most from their convention experience, introducing them to your colleagues, and answering questions they may have related to practice. On Saturday, mentors and their students attend the Annual Awards Luncheon together with tickets purchased by you for yourself and the student. Students and their mentors/hosts will be briefly recognized during the event. This is a seldom-had opportunity to further introduce an architecture student to the profession: they will gain something not found in campus life. Please help the Society fulfill this worthy goal to interested and engaged students. If you are willing to mentor a student and can fulfill the above commitments, indicate your intent on the convention registration form and purchase an Awards Luncheon ticket for yourself and the student/mentee.

Host a Student Overnight Convention organizers are calling on AIA Dallas members to host students attending the 2011 Convention in their homes on Thursday and Friday nights (October 27 and 28) providing lodging, breakfast on Saturday, and transportation to and from the convention center if needed. Please check the appropriate box on the convention registration form if you are willing to help a student (or two) limit their cost to attend. You’ll be serving the future of the profession and make a friend for life.

Thank you in advance for stepping into one or both of these this highly interactive, vital, and fun roles. For more information, contact Ted Kozlowski at 512.478.7386 or


72nd Annual Convention | Design Products & Ideas Expo

Texas Architects' Convention: 2011 Registration Guide  
Texas Architects' Convention: 2011 Registration Guide  

72nd Annual Convention andDesign Products & Ideas Expo27-29 October 2011Dallas Convention Center With stirring keynote speakers, invigorati...