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ing out on their own. What steps can be taken that will help ensure the future strength and continuity of the profession? “Raising a Balanced Intern” provides tools to help mentors and their interns become involved in the firm’s operations and future growth, demonstrating a “win-win” relationship for everyone. 111054 LUHs 1

Finding the Balance: Developing Leaders for the Future Peter DeLisle, Ph.D., Posey Leadership Institute, Austin College, Sherman Do you consider yourself a “high potential” member of the design leadership community? Do you know or work with someone who has untapped leadership potential? How does your practice address the need for personal effectiveness to be balanced with the drive for design and technical excellence? This presentation is a response to the identification of leadership challenges, especially those faced by new supervisors and managers. Designed in the spirit of practicality and utility, the content to be explored places great emphasis on the ability of the participant to begin immediate application of the knowledge gained to his/ her work effort. Leaders in complex organizations will find the session especially helpful since the examples and models are based on illustrations from firms engaged in problem resolution in these domains. Sponsored by Austin Foundation for Architecture 111055 LUHs 1

1:30 PM–3:00 PM A Balanced Approach to Sustainable Design Trumps “EcoBling” Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA, Barley & Pfeiffer Architects, Austin “Green by Design” represents a balanced approach to Green Building. It is not just the right thing to do–it pays in ways that most people can understand and relate to. But architects must be able to articulate this to clients, potential clients, and the public. With the aid of specific multi-year performance data, learn to evaluate green building strategies, particularly those associated with suburban infill settings in southern climate zones, and how to effectively convey useful information in a meaningful, sensible way. 111056 LUHs 1.5

Lighting Design: Global to Local Granville McAnear, Craig Roberts Associates, Inc., Dallas Take an enlightening trip around the globe with Texas as your final destination as McAnear leads an exploration of lighting design applications. As the world embraces new environmental concerns, energy codes become more prevalent and stringent. This is propelling the emerging LED market, but in McAnear’s opinion, not quite fast enough. Come for an informative analysis of design from the perspective of a lighting designer and take home design ideas that meet your projects’ goals and visions. 111057 LUHs 1.5

Elevating and Balancing Consciousness in the Urban Community Brent Brown, AIA and David Whitley, Dallas CityDesign Studio, Dallas


72nd Annual Convention | Design Products & Ideas Expo

Texas Architects' Convention: 2011 Registration Guide  

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