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3:30 PM–4:45 PM General Session: Balancing Trends–How Smart Leaders Design for Tomorrow Rebecca Ryan, Madison, WI Sometimes irreverent, always engaging, and never content to sit on the bench, Rebecca Ryan has been called “progress in motion.” Relied on by corporate and community leaders to forge understanding and create strategies to retain young, future leaders, Rebecca’s firm, Next Generation Consulting, hustles, having surveyed over 40,000 young professionals. With this wealth of insight, Rebecca wrote Live First, Work Second: Getting Inside the Head of (scan for video) the Next Generation. She’s been able to help Ryan organizations and institutions view themselves through the lens of the newest crop of creatives, invigorate and improve leadership, and spearhead intelligent dialogue about creativity, innovation, and community development. Rebecca was raised in Wisconsin by members of “the greatest generation.” She returned to home turf after living, working, and playing professional basketball in the U.S., Germany, and Hungary. She received her B.A. in Economics and International Affairs from Drake University and also studied at Kozgaz University in Budapest, Hungary and the Institute for European Studies in Freiburg, Germany. Her favorite coffee mug reads, “Well-behaved women rarely make

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land Page, Austin The last few years of a down economy have been tough on young people just entering the profession. Hear inspiring stories of how several recent graduates have used their architectural education, along with a great deal of tenacity, creativity, and hard work, to forge interesting and rewarding new alternative careers.

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6:30 PM–10:00 PM Emerging Professionals Gathering–”Apps and Art” Got an appetite for performing and visual arts? How about a passion for architecture? Maybe it’s a love for fellowship and fun? Or is it simply a pure hunger appetite? No matter what it is, We Have an App for That!  Join other “emergers” (associates, interns, students, etc.) in a voyage to and through Dallas’ most vibrant district for art and entertainment. The trek consists of a trip on Dallas’ | 512.478.7386


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72nd Annual Convention andDesign Products & Ideas Expo27-29 October 2011Dallas Convention Center With stirring keynote speakers, invigorati...