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Products by Rita Catinella Orrell The International Builders’ Show (IBS) and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) co-located for the first time in February during the inaugural Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas. Here, we present some of the latest innovations for residential kitchen and bath spaces on display at the show, including a direct vent gas fireplace that can be hung just about anywhere.


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TOTO claims that its NEOREST 750H toilet offers the most complete bowl-cleansing system on the market. First, as the lid opens, a “pre-mist” wets the bowl surface, creating a process that is 80 percent more effective than a dry bowl at preventing waste from sticking to the surface. The hydrotect titanium dioxide coating creates a hydrophilic surface that allows waste, lime scale, and mold to wash away easily. After each flush, the bowl is misted with electrolyzed water to keep it clean longer, and a UV light integrated into the seat lid (and activated when closed) triggers a photocatalytic process on the bowl to further break down organic substances.

5/6 2014

Temp20 Technology Delta

Intended to aid caregivers, parents, or anyone trying to avoid temperature surprises, Delta’s Temp20 Technology is a digital temperature display featuring LED color indicators to signal different water temperatures. Blue indicates temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit; magenta denotes 80 to approximately 110 degrees; and red signals any temperature greater than 110 degrees. This new offering will be available on a variety of hand showers, showerheads, and tub showers starting this spring. While Temp20 hand showers and showerheads are hydro-powered, the built-in tub showers will be battery-operated.

REVO Series Heat & Glo

With 7"-deep profiles, the REVO Series of direct vent gas fireplaces can be hung just about anywhere, including bathrooms. The new contemporary series comes in square, linear, and vertical models, and features shiny black interiors that add depth and reflect flames. An invisible, patented burner produces up to 24,000 BTU output, while expelling 100 percent of exhaust gases outside of the home to protect indoor air quality. The space-saving fireplace can be recessed into a wall, or installed flush on a wall on mounting brackets — no additional framing is required. The suggested retail price for REVO Series fireplaces starts at $2,598.

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