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PageSoutherlandPage Thinks Forward by Catherine Gavin

With a new year comes a new name, and beginning January 1, 2014, PageSoutherlandPage will be known simply as Page. The transition is representative of an incoming new generation of leadership and the evolution of the 116-year-old firm into a robust organization where all employees will soon share in ownership. “We are redefining the culture of the firm,” said principal Larry Speck, FAIA. “We are making a much flatter organization, with the ultimate goal of encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit among our people and increasing collaboration among our various offices.” The rebranding effort also makes it clear that Page is focused on “design that makes lives better.”

to urban design that would “amplify the socioeconomic benefits of living in the city by bringing an active nature to residents’ doorsteps.” To make this possible, the proposal recommends the creation of three neighborhoods interspersed with landscaped areas. Described as “a new ecology for the city,” these green zones are also fundamental to the proposed water management system. The new neighborhoods — Decco, Viaduct, and Riverfront South — are proposed STOSS + SHoP presented a lyrical approach

Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Washington, D.C., as well as international affiliate offices, Page is a growing global firm. The new name draws on the company’s heritage, but is fresh. The firm’s new graphic identity DO NOT ALTER ARTWORK — consisting of its name followed by a slash — Page Southerland Page, LLP ©2013 speaks to the forward-thinking design the firm is With offices in Austin,

“If you ever felt despair [about] this area, well, you won’t feel that way anymore after seeing these three proposals.”

“The importance of creating an integrated brand for our firm is to enable us to do better work.”

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as mixed-use with a residential focus. In between the neighborhoods, fingers of urban forest extend from the river edge toward downtown, creating a “staccato of city, forest, city, forest.” The Connected City Challenge, if taken to heart by the City and civic leaders, is an opportunity to impact the expansion and transformation of Dallas’ most valuable real estate, downtown, and thus to directly affect the economic outlook and quality of life for decades to come. We hope that this will be the case. Eurico R. Francisco, AIA, is an architect in Dallas practicing at OMNIPLAN.

The STOSS + SHoP team presented a design for three neighborhoods along the Trinity. The new mixed-use districts are interrupted by pockets of dense forests.

known for bringing to complex projects. A new tagline — “think forward” — signals a time of evolving leadership and captures a prevailing mindset within the firm. Any integrated rebranding strategy addresses Primary Logo with Tag Line CMYK Full Color three essential questions: Who are you? What Use This Logo when on a black field do you do? How do you say it? Page began this process just over a year ago and will roll out a new website and a strong, integrated communications plan to help get the word out about their new name. Essential to the evolution of the brand, however, is that it represents the way the firm is working today. It is about the people who are engaged with Page. “The importance of creating Primary Logo with Tag Line CMYK an integrated brand for our firm is to enable us to Full Color Use This Logo when ondo a red field better work,” said Speck. “It keeps us focused on our values, and it enables us to clearly communicate to clients, potential clients, and others what we stand for in architecture and what we have to offer.”

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Texas Architect 17

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Texas Architect January/February 2014: Ecologies  

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