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Studio Awards Thick Skinned Regionalism Matt Fajkus Architecture, Austin

Thick Skinned Regionalism is a prefabricated 13 ft by 30 ft, 400-sf house for two adults. The prototype flips a typical construction model on its head and starts with the section rather than the plan. It is defined by two distinct systems: a universal starter frame (structure) and two plug-in walls (skin). The ribs of the frame are CNC routed from local renewable wood, and the plug-in walls consist of cubic modules, which provide insulation, storage, or fenestration. The

“The level of invention in the sections leaves you wanting more.” thickened structural frame comprises the floor, the ceiling, and two of the walls. The kitchen, bathroom, storage, and services fit within the thickness of the wooden frame. The jury noted that this project, more than any other, had a “very simple and strong original idea with a really beautiful execution.” Lyn Rice said, “The level of invention in the sections leaves you wanting more.” Amale Andraos commented: “It is a different way of thinking about modularity. Usually you think about either the shipping container or the kit of parts, and this is in between: the structural fin has spatially.”

11/12 2013

Texas Architect 43

Texas Architect November/December 2013: Campus Architecture  

This issue explores the value of architectural diversity and creative responses to context. The discussion begins with a series on the three...

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