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Kimbell Art Museum’s Piano Pavilion Grand Opening

The Kimbell Art Museum’s new Renzo Piano Pavilion sits across the lawn from Louis Kahn’s iconic building.

On Wednesday, November 27, the Kimbell Art Museum’s highly anticipated new building will open directly across the lawn from the Museum’s original home. This light-filled pavilion, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, is expected to provide an enduring counterpoint to the solid vaults and arches of Louis Kahn’s landmark building, which has been acclaimed a modern classic since its opening in 1972. The Piano Pavilion will provide much-needed space for the Kimbell, whose exhibition and education programs have grown far beyond those envisaged four decades ago. Its siting, facing the original museum, focuses attention on Kahn’s serene west portico, which Kahn considered the primary entrance to his building. The Piano Pavilion’s inventive marshaling of light and materials also provides an expressive complement to Kahn’s achievement. 

Dallas Forum for Architecture Presents Wilfried Wang


Wilfried Wang, one of the founders of Berlinbased Hoidn Wang Partners, will speak about his practice on November 12 at the The Magnolia Theater in Dallas’ West Village. Wang serves as the O’Neil Ford Centennial Professor in Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. Born in Hamburg, Wang studied architecture in London and served as a partner with John Southall in SW Architects. He is a founding co-editor, with Nader Tehrani, of 9H Magazine and was the director of the German Architecture Museum from 1995 to 2000. Wang has also taught at the Polytechnic of North London, the University College London, ETH Zürich, Städelschule, Harvard University, and the Universidad de Navarra. Wang is the author and editor of various architectural monographs and topographs, and is the co-editor of the O’Neil Ford monograph and duograph series.

11/12 2013

Texas Architect 121

Texas Architect November/December 2013: Campus Architecture  

This issue explores the value of architectural diversity and creative responses to context. The discussion begins with a series on the three...

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