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... with Four Under 40 writen by Canan Yetmen photography by Nicole Mlakar and Julie Pizzo Wood

like any other kind of building, can be a tricky business. Today, the never-ending advent of technological innovations makes entrepreneurship and leadership more accessible. Cloud computing, total connectivity, and unknowable amounts of information are available at the swipe of a little glass screen, anytime, anywhere. Even as we do more with finite time and resources, the scope and potential of the work continues to broaden. These four young professionals demonstrate that starting your own firm is not always a singular path and that community leadership can go hand in hand with one’s practice.

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11/12 2013

Texas Architect 111

Texas Architect November/December 2013: Campus Architecture  
Texas Architect November/December 2013: Campus Architecture  

This issue explores the value of architectural diversity and creative responses to context. The discussion begins with a series on the three...