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WUNDERBLOCK June 1 – September 1 Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse has become known for large, vivid colorful installations that respond to architectural spaces. Her installation “WUNDERBLOCK” is at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Art by Architects Exhibition July 26 – 31 AIA Houston Art by Architects will be a juried exhibition showcasing art by local AIA members and architecture students. Participants will have the option to sell their work in a silent auction on

Everyday Object Transformed

July 26 benefiting Architecture Center Houston

by Rebecca Roberts


the installation was non-structural but utilized the triangular shape of the individual hangers to affix itself to the frame and hold itself together. The singular clothes hanger itself is emblematic of the fashion industry, and the organization of “Fashion[ING] Objects” sought to refer directly to the runway activity. Just as the feathered layer is cloaked in some areas and exposed in others by the rigid diamond layer, the

Mounted onto scaffolding,

12 Texas Architect

7/8 2013

The piece served as a backdrop for the runway show, with models entering and exiting through a gap in the backlit assemblage of hangers. biotic bodies of the models are both exposed and concealed by the clothing they exhibit. The backlighting served to fuse the two divergent layers of the installation into a unified whole through the shapes created with the light and shadows cast by both layers. Rebecca Roberts is studying architecture at The University of Texas at Austin.

Sustainable Urban Development Luncheon August 1 Keynote speaker Edward Mazria is founder of Architecture 2030 and author of “The Passive Solar Energy Book.” Earlier this year, he unveiled the 2030 Palette, a new platform that puts the principles behind low-carbon and resilient built environments in the hands of architects, planners, and designers. 10 Under Ten August “10 Under Ten” is the first of five juried exhibits that are part of a collaborative chapter initiative at AIA Dallas including Latinos in Architecture, Small Firm Round Table, Women in Architecture, the Young Architects Forum, and other networks.


We usually expect to encounter everyday objects like clothes hangers in the roles they were designed to fill. But recently, MF Architecture of Austin converted this seemingly specific-use product into a lighting feature for the 2012 Tribeza Style Fashion Week Show. “Fashion[ING] Objects” was composed of 5,000 hangers arranged in two layers that functioned in juxtaposition to one another: a back layer of “feathers,” which evoked an organic, free-flowing system, and a front layer of “diamonds,” which presented a more controlled system. The piece served as a backdrop for the runway show, with models entering and exiting through a gap in the backlit assemblage of hangers.

Texas Architect July/August 2013: Light  
Texas Architect July/August 2013: Light  

Sketches that bring sunlight and moonlight into spaces in creative, playful ways; otherworldly experiments in color centered on the early mo...