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This issue on the theme of “Redevelopment” exploits the multiple dimensions of the term, which routinely implies not only physical change, but overall change for the better. Along with new structure, redevelopment often occasions new uses, new energy, new life — a welcome revitalization. In some cases, there is even a kind of redevelopment — and an accompanying invigoration — that results more from a remix of uses than from physical change. The following articles give us an appreciation for the architecture underlying each respective example of redevelopment, whether the setting is an arts district, a university, or a corporate campus. But perhaps even more satisfying is our perception of how these built environments have shaped better lives for the people who use them.

Redevelopment 34 The Happening on the South Plains Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts

J. Brantley Hightower, AIA

42 Redeveloping Student Life UT Austin Student Activities Center

Overland Partners | Architects Lawrence Speck, FAIA; David Sharratt; and Samuel Wilson

48 Crow Holdings at Old Parkland

Michael Malone, AIA

11/12 2012

Texas Architect 33

Texas Architect - November/December 2012: Redevelopment