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Studio Awards 2012 Studio Awards This year’s Texas Architects Studio Awards jury convened at the offices of AIA Atlanta August 14 and selected five projects as winners from a pool of 60 entries. All colleagues in Atlanta, the jurors were Tony Ames, FAIA, of Anthony Ames Architect; John R. Stephenson, AIA, of Richard Wittschiebe Hand; and Christopher Welty, AIA, of Southern Polytechnic State University Department of Architecture. Presented here are all five winners from this year’s program, which annually recognizes excellence in unbuilt, often strictly conceptual, architectural design.

FED_Scraper HKS, Inc., Dallas

This fantastical concept, created as an entry in the eVolo 2012 Skyscraper Competition, emerged from the following premise stated in the submission: “That government transforms the way we occupy and inhabit space is nowhere more geodetically relevant than in the United States capital of Washington DC, where limits have reached capacity in both physical space and organizational structure. Never before has the government owned more enclosed space within the U.S. than in the present where an increase in subsidiary agencies has led to an explosive acquisition of government land leading to exponential sprawl reaching outward into the neighboring states.” The design response, in opposition to “these grand edifices that break apart the fine meshwork needed for a city to thrive,” seeks to “congregate Federal program within a sub-grade metropolis, burying the program beneath whilst activating the ground plane.” As a result, “Walls become the physical limits of unrivaled growth. DC is given back in large swaths of land to the people, where previous federal land within is returned to the citizens to re-inhabit.” Jury Sound Bites: it’s the intriguing kind of project that keeps people thinking about things ... the type of imaginative exercise we should try to encourage or we’re going to lose the ability to do it ... the idea of giving back to the people is compelling ... the spaces are very intriguing and seductive ... places to experience ... a sort of blade-runner type of realm ... we applaud it for its sheer creativity

11/12 2012

Texas Architect 21

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