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...with Candid Rogers, AIA Checking the progression on his rehab of a 1920s-era Magnolia gas station article by Stephen Sharpe, Hon. TSA photography by Scott Adams, AIA

It’s just six weeks away from the much-anticipated opening and Candid Rogers, AIA, is walking through his latest project, a former Magnolia Oil service station from the 1920s that is being renovated as a destination dining spot in San Antonio’s nuevo hip Southtown. Subcontractors are readying the floors for millwork scheduled for delivery in a few days. Rogers and his client, local chef Mark Bliss, are both eager to see the custom dining tables in place. Furniture maker John O’Brien crafted their tops from reclaimed long-leaf pine. Each top is unique, some with one or two bow-tie joints securing splits along the grain. O’Brien has also filled bolt holes with black epoxy that matches the grout in the gleaming white subway-tiled walls of the room adjacent to the kitchen where Bliss will hold court at the chef’s table. These sorts of details remind Rogers of the similarities between architecture and gourmet cuisine, how intuition guides both the architect and chef to combine certain ingredients in just the right amounts. In making his decisions on

the many details of this project – the lighting, the kitchen equipment, etc. – Rogers also has had to determine the appropriate measurements. Not unlike choices made by a chef, the architect’s decisions sometimes go unnoticed but are crucial to creating the overall feel of the space. All those decisions on the details, Rogers says, are intended to coalesce into a “harmonic setting” that will complement his client’s vision for offering bistro fare that his customers will savor. “In the end,” he says, looking ahead to the Jan. 17 opening, “I hope that visitors will have a complete sensory experience, with the food pleasing the palate and the space engaging the soul.” for its proprietor, who has 27 years of experience in the food service business. Mark Bliss came to national attention for his epicurean artistry in the kitchen of Polo’s at the Fairmount Hotel and then at the original Biga, two restaurants that put San Antonio on the culinary map. Most recently chef/owner of the popular Silo in Alamo Heights until his departure in early 2010,

Bliss is named

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