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J. Brantley Hightower, AIA

Ben Koush, AIA

Edward Emile Richardson

Alan Harmon, AIA

Jacqui Dodson, AIA

Duncan T. Fulton III, FAIA

Lauren M. Cortinaz, Assoc. AIA

B o l e s , AIA is serious about riding her half-Arabian show horse, as well as teaching architecture and interior design at The University of Texas at Arlington. Her article on the Botanical Research Institute of Texas starts on page 48. L a u r e n M . C o r t i n a z , A s s o c . AIA  earned her Master of Architecture and MBA from Texas Tech University. She is a design professional within the Rec/Sports Studio of Marmon Mok Architecture in San Antonio. Armed with her violin, paintbrushes, and iMac, she explores the worlds of music, art, and graphic design whenever possible. Her love of creative, personal expression and community involvement served as design inspiration for the Hobbit House, as shown on page 80. J a c q u i D o d s o n , AIA  is a graduate of the University of Kansas but is approaching the completion of her second decade in Texas. She wonders if she should now call herself a “Texan.”  Jacqui has her own firm in Austin, JDAI where she focuses on remaking spaces. Read her article on Bercy Chen’s East Village Lofts on page 66. D u n c a n T . F u l t o n III , F AIA  is a product of the Midwest. He interviewed for his first architectural project during half-time at a KU basketball game in the lobby of Allen Field House. When not writing for Texas Architect, he and his wife Kay have been spotted hiking in the Rockies. See his article, “Shades of Green” on page 76. R e b e cc a


t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

Rebecca Boles, AIA

A l a n H a r m o n , AIA graduated from Texas A&M University and received his Master of Architecture from UT San Antonio. He spends most of his time thinking about his hobbies of cycling, running, and exercising while working on projects within the recreation/sports studio of Marmon Mok Architecture in San Antonio. He reached deep into another of his hobbies – “being a kid” – for the Hobbit House featured on page 80. J . B r a n t l e y H i g h t o w e r , AIA  enjoys reading books about dead architects (one of which he reviews on page 31), almost as much as he likes reading stories about pigeons to his 2-year-old daughter. They both live in San Antonio where he works at Lake/Flato Architects. B e n K o u s h , AIA  is an architect in Houston. He is currently writing a book about modern architecture in Houston that is planned for publication by the University of Texas Press. Read Koush’s article on Ronnie Self’s residence on page 40. Ed w a r d Em i l e R i ch a r d s o n   moved to Austin from Santa Fe with his wife and partner April Clark in 2005. They currently live on the city’s east side with their two sons, Felix and Jasper. Ed recently joined April at Clark Richardson Architects after having been an associate with Miró Rivera Architects. Clark Richardson specializes in sustainable residential and commercial design with active projects across the South and Southwest. See page 54 for his article on the Waco Mammoth Site.

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Texas Architect Nov/Dec 2011: Arts & Science  

Built around the theme of “Arts & Science,” the November/December 2011 edition of Texas Architect profiles the Botanical Research Institute...

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