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Slender Profile According to Scott Ziegler, FAIA, the slenderness ratio of the building maximizes the possibilities of the concrete structure. To go any higher, he says, would have required more exotic structural strategies common in the world’s tallest buildings, such as the Sears Tower or the Burj Dubai. In structural terms, the building is designed much like two 30-story buildings with one stacked atop the other. The bottom half of the tower is stiffened by the podium base, while the building’s upper half is stiffened by an outrigger floor at level 34—this level’s slabs are thickened and full-height web members create an ultra-stiff floor that acts like a belt, allowing the upper half of the building to develop lateral strength. Though clad completely in curtainwall, there are visible nods to the structure: the concrete floor slabs have been extended past the glass on the east and west sides of the building, suggesting a rib-like structure emerging from the cladding.

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Texas Architect July/August 2010: Extreme Design  
Texas Architect July/August 2010: Extreme Design  

This issue features projects ranging from The Austonian in Austin to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Also included are articles about Texas Te...