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Ella Wooten Park Pool House

p r o j e c t Ella

The Ella Wooten Park Pool House, designed by Studio

Wooten Park Pool House, Austin

c l i e n t Catellus

8 Architects, is located within the redevelopment of

Development Group, a Prologis Company

a r c h i t e c t Studio

Austin’s former Mueller Airport. The park serves as a

8 Architects

d e s i g n t e a m Milton c o n t r a c t o r  Flynn

public gathering place that embodies the city in both

Hime, AIA; Bhavani Singal, Assoc. AIA

its locally derived design and emphasis on green tech-


c o n s u l t a n t s Bosse & Pharis Associates (landscape); Modern Pool

nology. The pool house is the anchor for the park and

Design (pool); Bay & Associates (MEP); MJ Structures (structural);

contains an office, open-air shower, changing areas,

Bury+Partners (civil)

vending machines, and restroom facilities, with a lawn

p h o t o g r a p h e r Andy


that slopes down around the pool area. The design pays


homage to classic Austin swimming facilities such as r e s o u r c e s fountains : Most Dependable Fountains; fences : Ameristar

Deep Eddy and Barton Springs, combining natural, indig-

Landscape Forms, Green

enous materials to create a simple and elegant structure

Corner Umbrellas; stone : Jim Connelly Masonry; glazed masonry units :

that includes a sandstone plaza and breezeway. Board-

Pittsburgh Corning; architectural metal work : Stanley Architects and

formed concrete walls draw visitors into the building,



guiding them to the restrooms and changing areas where

Polyguard; metal roofing : Berridge; metal

interior movement is translated to the exterior through


site , street, and mall furnishings :

lumber :

Texas Redwood;

repellants / vapor retarders :

waterproofing :


detention security windows

selectively placed glass blocks. A concrete portal on

and screens : Dynamic Closures; paints : Sherwin-Williams; grilles and

the northern edge of the site guides the observer’s

screens : S&S Steel; letters and plaques : Building Image Group; signage

perspective, emphasizing the symmetry of the site. The

and graphics :

Austin Architectural Graphics; tub and shower doors and

open-air shape and structure of the roof allow breezes

enclosures : Accurate Partitions (Hull Supply Company); metal lockers :

to flow through the building for natural ventilation, one

Lyon Metal Products

of the many considerations contributing to the project’s

doors and frames :

Hull Supply Company;

4-Star Austin Green Building Program rating. S U S A N

9 / 1 0

2 0 0 9



4 4



4 4

SITE PLAN 1 Pool 2 Changing And shower area 3 office 4 restroom

t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t


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