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Art at Discovery Green

Mist Tree by Doug Hollis

Photos Courtesy Discovery Green Conservancy

The designers of Discovery Green incorporated art installations throughout the park, including interactive pieces that invite visitors to have a little fun. Great care was taken to ensure the installations would be visually prominent yet nestled within the park’s environs. Many of the works are by well-known artists, including Doug Hollis, whose Mist Tree (shown at left) is the latest of his water-jet sculptures designed for outdoor spaces around the U.S. His large interactive Gateway Fountain (at right) entices children to cool down from the heat. Other artwork (next page, left to right) includes Jean Dubuffet’s vividly expressionist Monument Au Fantôme; one of several assemblages by Margo Sawyer titled Synchronicity of Color; a pair of gracefully carved limestone parabolas titled Listening Vessels, also sculpted by Doug Hollis; and two “art carts” created by local artists Mark Bradford (his Jadee is shown at far right) and Rebecca Bass, along with students from Waltrip High School. Gateway Fountain by Doug Hollis

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