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Bart Shaw, AIA

Duncan T. Fulton III, FAIA

Lawrence Connolly, AIA John Clegg, AIA

Mark Oberholzer, AIA

Kurt Neubek, FAIA

Thomas Hayne Upchurch, AIA

C l e g g , A I A is a native of North Carolina. After graduating from Rice and marrying a Texan, he spent eight years in Boston, receiving a degree from Harvard, working with Machado and Silvetti, and becoming a father of two Bay Staters. Currently a vice president of design with Page Southerland Page, John also teaches at the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. La w r e n c e C o n n o l l y , A I A   was born in Tokyo, grew up in Spain, graduated from UT Austin’s School of Architecture, and interned with Frank Welch in Midland. He moved back to Austin with his family in 2000 where he specializes in designing animal care facilities. Larry was appointed a Texas Architect contributing editor in 2003. D u n ca n T . F u l t o n III , F A I A   is a product of the Midwest, having interviewed for his first architectural project at half-time of a KU basketball game in front of the Allen Field House trophy case. When not writing for Texas Architect, he and his wife Kay often are spotted riding bikes at White Rock Lake in Dallas. K u r t N e u b e k , F A I A   and his wife grew up in Chicago; attended college in Champaign, Versailles, and Tempe; and have called Houston home since J o h n


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1987. Father of two boys, Kurt relishes serving as Cubmaster and Little League assistant coach. He is an associate principal at Page Southerland Page and a perennial AIA Sandcastle competitor. M a r k O b e r h o l z e r , A I A Finding aerial images of famous buildings on Google Earth keeps Mark up at night. When he’s not scouring the planet for notable architecture or helping his two sons realize a needlessly complicated treehouse, Mark is designing mixed-use buildings with a sustainable bent for Austin’s Rhode Partners. Ba r t S h a w , A I A   works with Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford in Fort Worth, where he lives with his wife and nine-month-old daughter, who finds more delight in tearing up her father’s magazines than anyone ever has reading them. Bart received AIA Fort Worth’s Young Professional Award for 2008. T h o ma s Ha y n e U p c h u r c h , A I A   After practicing in Austin for 16 years, Tommy moved his office to Brenham in 1998, where the cows think it is heaven. He continues to work in Brenham and lives with his two kids and two dogs.Tommy has been traveling to northern New Mexico for over 50 years; he thinks it is heaven.

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Texas Architect March/April 2009: Adaptive Reuse  

Texas Architect, March/April 2009; Official magazine of the Texas Society of Architects|AIA