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p r o j e c t   Biomedical

Science and Technology Learning Center, Browns-

ville c l i e n t  University a r c h i t e c t  SHW

of Texas at Brownsville


d e s i g n t e a m   Jeff

Sharpe, AIA; Troy Contreras, AIA; Tod Stevens, AIA;

Raymond Estrella; Kevin Aalderink, AIA; Kevin Leslie c o n t r a c t o r  SpawGlass c o n s u l t a n t s   Goetting

and Associates (MEP); Jaster-Quintanilla, San

Antonio (structural); Charles Gojer and Associates (civil); Research Facilities Design (lab consultant); SSP Design (landscape architect) p h o t o g r a p h e r  Mark

Trew Photography


d ar

o aw di


Biomedical Learning Center 102

t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

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2 0 0 8

Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2008: Design Awards