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Steel Recycling = LEED Points The use of steel building products enables designers to earn LEED-NC points under Materials and Resources Credit 2.1 and 2.2: Construction Waste Management and Reduction. The recycled content value of the steel produced in facilities that use basic oxygen furnace (BOF) technology exceeds the five percent and 10 percent goals in LEED. The same is true for steel produced in facilities that use electronic arc furnace (EAF) technology. Steel has been recycled in North America for over 150 years. The BOF process uses 25- to 35-percent old steel to make new steel; the EAF process uses virtually 100-percent old steel to make new steel. Recent research on steel recycling reveals: •  Each year, the North American steel industry recycles millions of tons of steel scrap from recycled cans, appliances, automobiles, and construction materials. This scrap is re-melted to produce new steel. •  64 percent of all steel products are recycled—more than any other material in the U.S. including glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum combined. •  Steel recycling programs reduce the solid waste stream, resulting in saved landfill space, and help to conserve our natural resources. •  Steel recycling saves the energy equivalent of electrical power for about one-fifth of U.S. households (or about 18 million homes) for one year. •  Every ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. •  Light gauge steel framing contains at least 25-percent recycled steel.

At a glance, the major environmental benefits of steel framing include: a 25-percent minimum recycled content and 100-percent recyclability; minimal job site waste due to standard quality (two percent for steel vs. 20 percent for wood); life-cycle energy savings due to the air tightness of the structure; and a long structure life reducing the need for future building resources (zero depletion of iron resources). If we examine the total life-cycle assessment, regarding energy consumption, steel does not rely on “recycled content” purchasing to incorporate or drive scrap use. It already happens because it is economically cheaper to use recycled steel than to mine virgin ore and move it through the process of making new steel. As a result, recycled content for steel is a function of the steelmaking process itself; after its useful product life, regardless of its BOF or EAF origin, steel is recycled back into another steel product. Thus steel, with almost 100-percent recycled content, cannot be described as any better than steel with 30-percent recycled content. The recycled content of EAF relies on the embodied energy savings of the steel created in BOF process. For more information about steel and its inherent recycled content consult the following groups: Steel Recycling Institute (, US Green Building Council (, Building Design & Construction (, Steel Framing Alliance (, Metal Construction Association (, and Metal Architecture (

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lways use PAC-CLAD Aluminum for projects located in coastal regions, aggressive environments, or areas subject to acid rain. Aluminum has significant advantages including superior corrosion resistance, lighter weight panels and ease of installation. PAC-CLAD Aluminum is available from Petersen in 34 standard colors and a wide variety of UL-580 Class 90-rated roofing profiles. Southern Roof & Wood Care Corp. installed 30,000 sq. ft. of .032 aluminum Snap-Clad Panels in a custom color, Charlotte Slate, on the Marriott Surfwatch Resort in Hilton Head. Jim Carson, Principal, NCG Architects Inc, said that Petersen Aluminum Panels were chosen because they provided the best price and assurance that their Kynar 500 finish in aluminum would hold up to the coastal environment. PAC-CLAD Panels are corrective-leveled during fabrication to provide superior panel flatness. Our PAC-CLAD Kynar 500 finish is covered by a non-prorated 20 year warranty. For more information regarding our complete line of metal roofing products, please call us at 1-800-PAC-CLAD or visit our website @ ®





We all have a responsibility to preserve our environment. When you specify and build with MBCI metal roof and wall systems, you are doing just that.


Look to MBCI and know that you are getting a high-quality, green product for your project. Call 877.713.6224 or visit us at to discover more.

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