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B u i l d i n g s

Leander Park and Ride p r o j e c t  Leander c l i e n t  Captial architect

The newly designed Leander Park and Ride facility

Park and Ride, Leander

provides bus service to the community and will function

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

as the terminus to the new Capital Metro commuter rail

McKinney Architects

d e s i g n team

Heather H. McKinney, FAIA; Charles A. York, AIA; Brian

c o n t r a c t o r  Solis




to encourage the use of the bus system as the public’s

Constructors (transportation engineer); Doucet &

main method of transportation. Architects have designed

Associates (feasibility analysis); Associated Consulting Engineers

a series of bus bays for each bus stop that surround a

(civil); Jaster-Quintanilla, Austin (structural); Tom Green & Company

terminal building. The building includes Capital Metro

Engineers (MEP); Garcia Design, Inc. (landscape); fd2s (wayfind-

offices and a restroom facility. A path winds around the

ing); Kroll (security)

building and functions as a way-finding system that eas-

p h o t o g r a p h e r  R.

ily leads people to the various bus terminals. The sleek

c o n s u l t a n t s   HDR/WHM


line. McKinney Architects designed the transit facility to work efficiently for both buses and pedestrians, in order

Carlson, AIA

Greg Hursley Photography

design of each bus bay incorporates concrete piers with



r e s o u r c e s unit pavers : Pavestone; unit masonry wall assemblies : Acme;

extended steel bars that support a cantilevered roof. The

architectural metal work :

architects create a comfortable resting space for people

Nucor Vulcraft Group; waterproofing : BASF

Construction Chemicals; membrane roofing : Polyglass; roof insulation : Atlas Roofing Corporation;

glazed curtainwall :

EFCO Corp.;


board framing and accessories : Dietrich Metal Framing; tile : American

Olean; tensile membrane structures : Span Systems, Inc.

as they await their next bus. The Leander Park and Ride was awarded the AIA Austin Citation of Honor Award for Design Excellence in 2007. m e g a n

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ground floor plan 1 plaza 2 Breezeway 3 office 4 restroom 5 bus shelter

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