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Gulf Coast Green Symposium in Houston To Work on Regional Problems, Solutions h o u s t o n Co-sponsored by AIA Houston, the Gulf Coast Green 2008 symposium and expo is scheduled April 3-6 at Reliant Park in Houston. The event will address timely issues of rising energy costs and global climate concerns. Tours of Houston will be given on April 4, and will feature folk art, green roof, Houston downtown, and sustainable engineering. The symposium, titled Innovations in Building for Hot and Humid Climates, will take place on April 3-4, and will focus on four educational sessions. Meeting the Carbon Neutral Challenge, led by Ila Berman, associate dean of Tulane University’s School of Architecture, will take on the topic of energy efficiency in hot-humid climates; Ecological Design, led by Sergio Palleroni of University of Texas at Austin, will discuss the development of low-tech, low-cost solutions to green building design challenges; Sustainable Land Use and Development, led by Kent Peterson, president of ASHRAE, will explore opportunities and challenges associ-

SE Texas Survivors of Hurricane Rita To Benefit from Grow Home Contest a u s t i n In one of the largest statewide architectural design competitions in Texas history, more than 80 teams of Texas architects competed to design an affordable, modular house for survivors of Hurricane Rita in 2005 who lost their homes in Southeast Texas. Four designs were selected by a panel of judges that included nationally acclaimed architects, affordable housing developers, policy leaders, and Hurricane Rita survivors themselves.Co-sponsors for the Texas Grow

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ated with urban planning in the Gulf Coast region; and Innovations in Sustainable Design, led by Bill Walsh of the Healthy Building Network, will highlight the latest breakthroughs in green building.

Keynote speakers at the event include Dr. Jared Diamond, Ira C. Magaziner, and Dr. Ken Yeang, Hon. FAIA. Each speaker will draw upon his unique expertise to discuss ways of approaching the fight against climate change. Diamond, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, will discuss the negative impacts of human civilization on the environment as illustrated in his books Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Magaziner, previously the senior advisor for policy development under the Clinton Administration, currently acts as chairman of the

Home Design Competition were the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, the Texas Society of Architects, Housing Texas, Covenant Community Capital, and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The winning designs were announced Jan. 31 by John Henneberger, co-director of Texas Low Income Housing Information Service. •  Entry No. 18 by Citiscape International in Houston (James Lee, AIA, and Victoria Lee) •  Entry No. 43 by GDG Total Architecture in Waxahachie (James Gleason, Brian Kernohan, and Kurt Koger) •  Entry No. 67 by Camargo Copeland Archi-

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Clinton Climate Initiative. He works with cities worldwide to implement a range of actions that will accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Yeang, of London-based Llewelyn Davies Yeang Architecture, is the author of Ecodesign: A Manual for Ecological Design, and the inventor of the Bioclimate Skyscraper. He is a leading architect in the design of iconic, sustainable, low-energy, skyscrapers. While the symposium is targeted to design and construction professionals, the Sustainable Energy and Green Building Consumer Expo on April 5-6 is free and open to the public. Exhibitors specialize in such topics as certified green, energy-efficient products and building materials, renewable energy, energy-efficiency tips, and green vehicles. Approximately 15,000 consumers from Houston and the Gulf Coast region are expected to attend. The Expo will feature four topic areas—renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, and alternative transportation. Each topic will showcase representative products, government and non-profit initiatives, and educational presentations.

tects in Dallas (Myriam E. Camargo, AIA; Roberto Diaz; Aundry Potter; Greg Fancher; Brad Glaesmann, AIA; Jaime Hernandez; Omar Martinez; Lydia Jackson; Kelly Thompson; Melissa Hanson; Lane Neill; Randy Barnett, AIA; and Stephanie Morga) •  Entry No. 106 by HOK in Dallas (Javier Espinoza, AIA; Brion Sargent, AIA; Robert Gonzales, Assoc. AIA; Dan Fletcher; Juan Arias, Jesus Plata, Bob Brendle, AIA; and Will Erwin) Information on the competition and the winning design will be posted online at www. in March.

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