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Carl Wunsche Sr. High School p r o j e c t  Carl

Wunsche Sr. High School

c l i e n t  Spring

Independent School District

a r c h i t e c t  SHW


d e s i g n t e a m   Gary

Blanton, AIA; Stuart Campbell, AIA; J. Matt

r e s o u r c e s concrete materials : Southwest Concrete Products; masonry units :

Southwest Concrete Products; stone : Alamo Stone Company;

masonry veneer assemblies :

Acme Brick Company;

metal framing :

Dietrich Metal Framing; roof and wall panels : Alcon (alucobond); fascia

Brown, AIA; Frank Kelly, FAIA; Bill Wadley, AIA

and soffit panels :

c o n t r a c t o r  Dyad

ucts; wood and plastic doors and frames : VT Industries; entrances and


c o n s u l t a n t s   DBR

Engineering Consultants (MEP); Brooks &


Berridge; metal doors and frames : Ceco Door Prod2

storefronts : Vistawall; wood windows : Pella Windows; glass : Oldcastle

Sparks (civil); Wong & Associates (landscape); PSS Partnership

Glass; glazed curtainwall : Vistawall; metal ceilings : Chicago Metallic;

(structural); Millunzi And Associates (food services); Paradigm

indoor athletic surfacing :

Duroflex; operable partitions : Modernfold 3

Consultants (geotechnical); Price Consulting (roofing) photographer


Richard Payne, FAIA


Carl Wunsche Sr. High School is a career academy

technologies also have been incorporated into the

located in the Spring Independent School District of

school’s design and include tinted, low-E, insulated

Houston. SHW Group oriented the 273,178-square-foot

glazing skylights and interior glass partitions. The large

school around three academic towers that each focuses

windows allow sunlight to illuminate the hallways. The

on a specialized area of study. Courses are organized

use of natural, unfinished materials, such as galvanized

into the Professional Tower, the Technology Tower, and

metal stairs and railings, eliminates the need for paint

the Medical Tower. Each tower is surrounded by a variety

and creates a durable, low-maintenance interior. Carl

of resources, including core curriculum spaces, large

Wunsche Sr. High School was recognized in the 2007

group instruction, media centers, interactive planning

Exhibit of School Architecture with the Caudill Award

areas, and administration and ancillary spaces. An

for excellence in five out of five categories—design,

elevated corridor referred to as the “Learning Street,”

educational appropriateness, innovation, process of

connects the three towers and encourages students

planning, and value.

to interact with one another. Sustainable building

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ground floor plan 1 large group instruction 2 dining 3 teacher work area 4 business tower 5 technical tower 6 medical tower 7 auto shop

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Texas Architect Jan/Feb 2008: Design for Education  
Texas Architect Jan/Feb 2008: Design for Education  

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