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Zachry Construction Corporation project

Zachry Construction Corporation Employment & Conference

Center, San Antonio client

Zachry Construction Corporation


Kell Muñoz Architects Benito Polendo, AIA; Jerry Sparks, AIA; Claudia

design team

r e s o u r c e s pervious concrete : Eco-Crete; unit masonry wall assemblies :


tural metal work : Julius Blum & Co.; roof and wall panels : Samuel Dean

contractor consultants

storefronts : Champion Glass; unit skylights : Solatube International;

Champion Glass;

terrazzo :


metal ceilings :

Reglet; wood ceilings : Koehler Company; cork flooring : Expanko Cork

Goetting & Associates (MEP); AccuTech Consultants


acoustical treatments :

Fry Reglet;



Zachry Construction Corporation

access flooring system :

(structural); Pape-Dawson Engineers (civil); Laffoon Associates

Aftec-Crete; blinds , shutters and shades : MechoShade;

(landscape); BAi, LLC (audio visual)

modules :


ground Floor plan 1 Lobby 2 Training 3 Water Retainage Tower 4 Photovoltaic Structure

Sheet Metal; metal roofing : Berridge Manufacturing Co.; entrances and glass :


glass block : Acme; metal materials : Alamo Iron Works; architec-




BP Solar

Rick Hunter

1 3

The Employment & Conference Center of Zachry Con-

lessly incorporate under-floor air distribution, aluminum

struction Corporation is the first building to be LEED cer-

solar screens, decomposed granite paving, a rainwater

tified in San Antonio. Designed by Kell Muñoz Architects

collection system, and a photovoltaic structure into the

of San Antonio specifically with sustainable features in

building’s overall design. The use of natural lighting

mind, the project was awarded Gold Certification by the

and green building concepts reduces the use of non-

U.S. Green Building Council, making it the fifth building

renewable resources and has created a building that

in Texas to receive this high distinction. As 30 percent

is 30 percent more efficient than most office buildings

of Kell Muñoz’s design team are LEED accredited,

currently built.

sustainable building techniques are employed to seam-

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Texas Architect Nov/Dec 2007: Sacred Space  
Texas Architect Nov/Dec 2007: Sacred Space  

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