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Top: Downtown Itasca; bottom: Erath County Courthouse, Stephenville

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“The towns in this book are examples of the ‘old urbanism.’ Businesses and major public buildings occupied the town center, which was surrounded by rings of larger homes, then smaller homes, and then homes related to the surrounding agricultural land. Parks and schools were easily accessible. Ebenezer Howard’s ideas about Garden Cities might have influenced their planning, or maybe it was just common sense. That concept is now being considered by developers and implemented by others under the rubric of the New Urbanism. New communities need to be planned as whole organisms, and talented architects should be taking the lead in this planning. It’s another design challenge.” Texas Towns & The Art of Architecture by Richard Payne, FAIA, was published in 2006 by the Texas State Historical Association. Images were reproduced with permission. Thomas McKittrick, FAIA, lives in Houston.

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Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2007: Design Awards  
Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2007: Design Awards  

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