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Amber Waves of Acme Brick

Styles have changed throughout Fort Worth’s architectural history, but the texture, richness, and intricate patterns of Acme Brick remain a pleasing constant of lasting designs. Architects for the Convention Center expansion added to the city’s architectural legacy with undulating, contrasting bands of Acme Brick that add a welcome human scale. Today, more than ever, selecting Acme means coming home to beauty and trusted quality.

“We worked with the City of Fort Worth to avoid a ‘box with docks’ and to extend the rich existing fabric of this very walkable city. We created a pedestrian scale with brick banding and intricate detailing, drawing on historical scale, colors, and rhythms.” — Kirk Millican, AIA, HOK, Dallas—

Fort Worth Convention Center Expansion Architect: Carter & Burgess, Fort Worth Design Architect: HOK, Dallas Walker General Contractors, Fort Worth Masonry Contractor: ROC, Dallas Photographer: Ray Don Tilley, Bastrop 1-800-792-1234

Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2007: Design Awards  
Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2007: Design Awards  

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