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Lancaster High School Auditorium


Lancaster High School Performing Arts Center,


Lancaster Independent School District


r e s o u r c e s masonry units : Acme Brick, Featherlite; cast stone : Better

Cast Stone; steel joists : Vulcraft; metal decking : Vulcraft; membrane

Lancaster Corgan Associates Inc.

construction manager consultants

Gallagher Construction Services

L.A. Fuess Partners (structural); Estes, McClure, &

roofing :

Johns Manville; metal doors and frames : P-W Metal Products

Company; entrances and storefronts : U.S. Aluminum; metal windows :


U.S. Aluminum; acoustical ceilings : USG; acoustical wall treatments : Quiet Technology Systems; auditorium seating : Irwin Seating

Associates (MEP); Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams (theater, acoustics); Johnson McKibben Architects (associate architect);


Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers (civil); Amtech Roofing Consultants (roofing); Grubbs Ramsey (landscape architect); H.G. Rice


& Company (food service) photographer


Charles Davis Smith, AIA

In fall 2006, students in Lancaster ISD south of Dallas

tion to be recorded and edited from a separate television

moved into the newly-designed Lancaster High School,

production room, and camera feeds to the green room and

a 408,000-sf facility designed to accommodate 2200

dressing rooms let performers in these back house areas

students. Corgan Associates of Dallas, master planners for

remain aware of events on stage. The auditorium’s location

the project, designed the auditorium as an integral part

adjacent to drama and cosmetology areas allows the use of

of the building, using the high school’s front entry hall as

these facilities for performance staging and make-up.

the auditorium entrance and lobby as well. Adjoining the




jeanette wiemers

school’s fine arts academic areas, the auditorium seats 1200 for performances or assemblies and serves as an essential support for Lancaster’s comprehensive performing arts program. The stage area is equipped with a full fly loft, rigging, curtains, and lighting platforms. Above the house, catwalks connect additional lighting platforms on either side and above the control room, located at the back of the audience. Camera inputs allow any stage produc-

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ground Floor plan 1 fine arts wing 2 cafeteria 3 athletics 4 science 5 library 6 History 7 Administration



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Texas Architect July/Aug 2007: Luxury  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...

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