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AIA Fort Worth Awards Seven Projects f o r t w o r t h A I A For t Wor th recognized seven projects at the chapter’s 2006 Design Awards ceremony held at the Modern Art Museum. A panel of three jurors – Teddy Cruz, of Estudio Cruz in San Diego; Rick Archer, FAIA, of Overland Partners in San Antonio; and Sharon Odum, AIA, of Sharon Odum Architect in Dallas – presented Merit Awards to Ryan YMCA in Fort Worth by Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects; Lee Elementary School in Denton by VLK Architects; and Good Shepherd Catholic Community in Colleyville by Jim Bransford Architect. The Ryan YMCA project addition reorients the existing entry and expresses the building’s connection to the community. Degrees of transparency and color and movement in the scattered glass draw attention to the activities within. Lee Elementary School was built in four phases to allow the existing campus to remain fully functioning during construction. The main corridor articulates the curved academic

wing and separates public areas from the classrooms, library, and administrative spaces. Good Shepherd Catholic Community, a 1,600-seat Catholic church, seeks an alternative to traditional religious architectural forms. Asymmetry is used in place of formal axial composition to create dynamic shifts in the traditional location of the liturgical centers. A panel of three jurors – Paul Dennehy, AIA; Chad Davis, AIA; and Emery Young, AIA – recognized three student projects. Honor Awards were given to the Dallas Architecture Center and the Modular Learning Facility, both entries by Ogheneruno Okiomah from UT Arlington. A Merit Award was given to the Nedderman MixedUse Development, by Constantine Alexandris from UT Arlington. The Dallas Architecture Center features a hollow core design that unifies the various levels, visually connecting occupants while keeping openness an integral part of the structure. The Modular Learning Facility design features a sustainable portable classroom that itself becomes a teaching tool by involving


efficient means of construction through ecofriendly systems. The facility features modular building, passive solar heating/cooling, natural ventilation, and water capture/re-use. The Nedderman Mixed-Use Development design adds connectivity and new life to this area of campus. Dormitories and facade updates fold around new courtyards and pedestrian paths, creating a defined and welcoming entrance. The Mayor’s Award was presented to Weldon Hafley Development Center by VLK Architects. The jurors for the award were Fernando Costa, planning director for City of Fort Worth, and Glen Whitley, a Tarrant County commissioner. This project transforms an abandoned food store into an inviting space to house preschool, early childhood, Head Start, and special needs students. The design utilizes color and shapes as a functional way-finding tool and creates a dynmic environment for teaching children. I v o n n e

L e v i n ,


The writer chaired AIA Fort Worth’s Excellence in Architecture Committee in 2006.

Weldon Hafley Development Center

Good Shepherd Catholic Community

Modular Learning Facility

Lee Elementary School


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Dallas Architecture Center

Nedderman Mixed-Use Development

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