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Square of Circles Jay Smith, AIA This design was a winning entry in the 2006 Ultimate Tree House design competition held by the Dallas Arboretum (see p. 120). The program required that the tree house be interactive, meet state accessibility requirements, and not attach to the tree. The 13 winning entries were constructed and will be exhibited on the arboretum grounds through this year. Square of Circles consists of 108 vertical sewer and drain pipes on a 16 x 16-foot plan. The pipes are painted yellow and hinged 16 feet above the ground on a wood frame. Each pipe extends from just above the ground up until it encounters a branch so that each pipe is a different height. Visitors can swing the pipes side to side and move between them. The pivot also allows the pipes to sway with the breeze.

Hector Garcia Middle School Perkins + Will The architectural design for a new 175,000-sq. ft. school for 1,200 students reflects the programmed social organization planned around three teams of students per grade level, and includes a diverse range of academic spaces to support traditional, interdisciplinary, and project-based instructional models. Supporting the community, the building allows after-hours public access to the gymnasium, library, and performing arts facility. The school reclaims four city blocks in a blighted urban area, located immediately south of downtown Dallas. Registered for LEED Silver certification, the design solution creates appropriate climatic responses while maximizing northern daylight and providing sweeping skyline views for students. Aesthetically, the school expresses the forwardlooking educational program while reflecting Dallas’ tradition of regional modernism.


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Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2006: Design Awards  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...

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