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Footbridge project client

Footbridge, Austin

Withheld by request


Miró Rivera Architects

design team

Juan Miró, AIA; Miguel Rivera, AIA; Brian Dillard;

Abby Dacey contractor consultants

Crowell + Architectural Engineers Collaborative (structural);

Environmental Survey Consulting (landscape) photographer


t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

Paul Finkel

WITH a design inspired in the reeds that line the edges of the lake, this pedestrian bridge is a light structure integrated with its setting. The bars/ reeds intertwine at the abutments and “grow” over the bridge, camouflaging and turning it into a symbiotic, almost invisible link. The arch structure spans 80 feet and is composed of 5-inch diameter pipes. The pipes support ½-inch diameter bars that become both decking and guardrails with a simple field bend. The irregular length and close spacing of the bars recall the reeds of the site. To further integrate the bridge with its setting, the steel is left unfinished as are the rope handrails and the stone ramps.

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Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2006: Design Awards  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...

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