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The Envelope project client

The Envelope, Dallas

Fairfax Develops


Buchanan Architecture

design team contractor

Russell Buchanan, AIA; Jordan Yamada Fairfax Develops


McHale Engineering, Inc. (structural)


Jason Franzen


masonry unit s :


Polygal; metal windows : Kawneer; tile : Daltile


t e x a s

a r c h i t e c t

pl as tic fabrications :

Rather than accepting the most general issues of zoning compliance, this project offers a very detailed response to the zoning constraints and its exceptions. The design solution should be considered, in part, as a product of thorough zoning research. The form is generated by the off-street parking requirement and the site’s location at an intersection. Each unit faces the side street, allowing secured parking access from a private drive towards the rear. The upper levels cantilever over the driveway to maximize area. The program stipulated three 2,300 sq. ft. dwelling units. Each unit required a living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, master suite, guest suite, and a two-car garage.

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Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2006: Design Awards