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6 7 t h A n n u a l TSA C o n ve n t io n : B E AUT Y E X P O P R E V I E W : D e s i g n P rod u c t s & I de a s E xpo s i t io n E x h i b i t or L i s t i n g Berridge Mfg. Co. booth 936

Blair Wire Rope provides a wide variety of products for

Boral Material Technologies (BMTI) is a leading marketer

cable railing as seen along railings, decks and stair wells.

of fly ash into the concrete industry and is a pioneer in

1720 Maury St., Houston, TX 77026 713.223.4971, fax 713.236.9422

Products are available in stainless steel, galvanized, and

the development of new and environmentally friendly

vinyl coated cable. Also stocked is hardware such as turn-

construction material technologies. BMTI has extensive

buckles, cable clamps, thimbles and threaded studs.

experience in developing and optimizing concrete mix

Berridge Manufacturing Company is a national manufacturer of metal roofing and wall panel products. Berridge produces thirty-five metal panel styles in 31 Kynar colors along with matching color flashings and trim in quantities in excess of one million square feet per week.

designs using fly ash, to meet challenging project speci- (Sponsor) booth 631

fications and requirements.

PO Box 26519, Austin, TX 78755 512.794.8401, fax

BPI - Building Plastics Inc. booth 201

Best Bath Systems booths 402, 404

The exhibit will include aerial view-corridor and viewshed imaging capability for preconstruc-

9400 N. Royal Ln. Irving, TX 75063 972.871.8922, fax 214.492.0980

4545 Enterprise St., Boise, ID 83705 800.727.9907, fax 800.627.0929

tion high rise condo projects within the USA. Dense

urban projects with flight altitudes from 50’ to 1000’ AGL

BPI - distributor of fine decorative surfacing products.

will be demonstrated. Our BLIMPCAMSystem™ will be

Specializing in specifying and providing total flooring

A complete line of luxurious bathing units for people of

flying overhead at the CE (1000 aisle) area. Please tell

solutions for commercial and residential needs. With

all abilities

your friends.

10 locations including three in Texas (Dallas, Houston,

Best-Rite Chalkboard booth 838

Bohannan Huston, Inc. booth 1036

markets we serve.

PO Drawer D, Temple, TX 76503 254.778.4727, fax 254.771.9061

310 E. I-30, Ste. 100, Mesquite, TX 75043 972.226.8181, fax 972.226.8184

The Builders’ Exchange booth 817

Best-Rite manufactures a full line of chalk/marker/pro-

Terrestrial LIDAR high definition is an extremely por-

4047 Naco Perrin, San Antonio, TX 78217 210.564.6900, fax 210.564.6901

jection/tack boards and display cases. Best-Rite has a

table, fixed-head pulsed laser that provides high-speed

reputation for excellence by offering personalized cus-

scanning capability to accurately portray existing or as-

tomer services, superior quality and hand crafted work-

built environments. In operation, the pulsed laser emits

manship, and the strongest product warranties. See for

a series of pulses in a grid set by the operator to capture

yourself why everyone says that Best-Rite is a better

the surface of any object in three-dimensional space.

625 W. Illinois Ave., Aurora, IL 60506 630.906.1980, fax 630.906.1982

Bonded Lightning Protection booth 922

122 Leesley Ln., Argyle, TX 76226 800.950.7933, fax 940.455.2225

als and tools for the decorative treatment of new and

hardscapes and interior floors. An almost limitless com-

Bonded Lightning Protection is the largest lightning

bination of colors and textures are available to create

Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil™, available in 6 foot to 24 foot

protection company in the United States. Bonded Light-

attractive and durable colored concrete.

diameters, moves hot air from the ceiling down to floor

ning Protection is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., listed,

level in the winter. In the summer, the huge ceiling fans

a member of the Lightning Protection Institute, and a

provide energy efficient cooling. Installing a Powerfoil

member of the United Lightning Protection Association.

San Antonio), we set the standard for service in all of the


Big Ass Fans booth 1000 2425 Merchant St., Lexington, KY 40511 859.233.1271, fax 859.233.0139

from Big Ass Fans earns one (1) LEED credit point.

Binvetec booths 320, 322

Boral Bricks, Inc. booths 421, 423

Butterfield Inc. booth 209

Butterfield Color is a manufacturer of coloring materiexisting concrete. The systems are suitable for exterior

C3 Distribution booth 1024 20927 Florette Ln., Spring, TX 77388 832.618.8675, fax 281.651.1925 For discriminating design when every detail matters,

1400 N. Broadway Carrollton, TX 75006 972.245.1542, fax 972.242.8172

Avonite brings unparalleled beauty to the world’s most

architects and designers, highlighted by the Recycled

Boral Bricks, Inc. is America’s largest clay brick manufac-

Products Collection for sustainable design.

Free Pattern Rotating Carpet Tiles™ with TractionBac™

turer offering the greatest selection of colors, sizes and

are the only modular floor covering specifically designed

styles available. Featuring products such as Boral Genu-

to allow a multitude of patterns to be created or no pat-

ine Clay Pavers and Arnold Natural Stone Thin Veneer.

tern at all, using only one tile design. The environmen-

Why settle for manufactured stone when you can have

tally friendly, non adhesive installation system allows for

the real thing?

13011 Newport Ave., Ste. 206 Tustin, CA 92780 877.4.BINVETEC, fax 714.731.2369

luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, and elite kitchens. Avonite Surfaces is the solution of choice for leading

CADVisions, Inc. (Sponsor) booths 503, 505 1950 Stemmons, Ste. 2060, Dallas, TX 75207 214.741.2323, fax 214.741.2407

maximum versatility during and after assembly.

Boral Materials Technology Inc. booth 818

CADVisions, Inc. specializes in providing premier CAD booth to see the latest software tools available for Archi-

3610 Palomar Valley Dr., Spring, TX 77386 832.928.9655, fax 281.528.0394

45 NE Loop 410, Ste. 700 San Antonio, TX 78216 210.349.4069, fax 210.349.6110

Blair Corporation (Blair Wirerope) booth 716

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solutions to architectural professionals. Come by our tects from Autodesk including AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Revit, Autodesk VIZ, and more.

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Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2006: Design Awards  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...

Texas Architect Sept/Oct 2006: Design Awards  

Texas Architect is the official publication of the Texas Society of Architects, each edition features recently completed projects and other...