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Girl Scout Leadership Center The Sally Cheever Girl Scout Leadership Center, designed by Marmon Mok, will be a 30,000-sq. ft. regional headquarters serving Girl Scouts in the San Antonio area and nine surrounding counties. The wooded seven-acre site just north of San Antonio International Airport offered the architect the opportunity to embrace the spirit of the Girl Scouts by taking a “nature in the city” approach that has resulted in several environmental-friendly attributes, including rainwater collection, hiking paths, and native landscaping. The $3.8 million project will include an adult volunteer training facility, a shop, offices, and meeting rooms. A central lobby will connect a one-story wing and a two-story wing, all sheathed in native stone and cement plank over a steel/wood superstructure. The color palette derived from colors found on the wooded site, including wildflowers, rocks, moss, and leaves. The project is scheduled for completion in October 2007.

Advanced Micro Devices In April 2005, Advanced Micro Devices announced plans for a new campus on a 59-acre tract at the southern edge of Austin to house its design and administrative staff. AMD hired Graeber Simmons & Cowan Architecture of Austin to design a masterplan as well as the individual components. The planned campus exemplifies sustainable building principles, especially by containing the buildings within the smallest footprint possible to meet AMD’s space requirements. Another example is the integration of a complex rainwater collection system: each building’s roof will collect rainwater in eight 45,000-gallon cisterns that will be used to irrigate the campus’ native landscaping. A material palette of native stone and metal panels will provide the campus with a visual continuity, and abundant use of glass will allow occupants to enjoy the natural setting. Completion is scheduled for September 2007.

The Porch House “New Housing Prototypes for New Orleans” was a competition sponsored by Architectural Record and Tulane University’s School of Architecture that asked architecture students across North American to consider traditional New Orleans house types as a basis for proposing contemporary solutions to rebuilding in neighborhoods damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Five designs were selected by a jury among more than 500 entries. Among the winning designs was the Porch House by two students, Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl, both seniors at the University of Texas at Arlington’s School of Architecture. They were sponsored by architecture professors Bijan Youssefzadeh and Heath MacDonald. (Another winner was Shotgun Chameleon by University of Houston’s Zui LIg Ng.) The Porch House derives from the region’s traditional shotgun house plan but is updated with metal framing to stand three stories tall. Exterior wall panels that form a deep porch on the street-side are outfitted with louvers toward the rear of the house to provide natural light to the bedrooms.


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Texas Architect July/Aug 2006: Color  
Texas Architect July/Aug 2006: Color  

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