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Harrington Elementary School

project client

Harrington Elementary School, Plano

Plano Independent School District


school additions maintains consistency with the existing structure, and brightly colored glazed brick accentuates

VLK Architects, Inc.

the building entrances. Campus additions feature a HVAC

Core Construction

system, a central energy plant, two additional classroom


RLK Engineering (civil); MY-D Structural Engineers

wings, and a new gymnasium. Existing clerestories were

(structural); Reed, Wells, Benson & Company (MEP); H.G. Rice and

integrated into the library design and re-glazed with high-

Company (food services); Grubbs Ramsey (landscape)

performance glass to maximize natural lighting while



Steven Vaughan


4 3


reducing heat gain and preventing UV degradation of the library materials. To facilitate team-teaching strategies,

To accommodate a projected increase in student enroll-

the architects reconfigured the open concept floor plan

ment, the complete renovation of the Harrington Elemen-

into grade-level clusters, with each classroom containing

tary School has extended the school’s service life by an

computer stations and grouped around a commons area

additional 25 years. The existing facility was reused to

with printer data drops.

conserve materials and lower costs, while additions pro-





s t . c l a i r





kindergarten. The 84,368-sf structure received five Exhibit of School Architecture awards in the value, design, educa-

r e s o u r c e s concrete pavement :

tion appropriateness, process of planning, and innovation

Brick; cast stone : Advanced Cast Stone; glazed masonry units : Pitts-

categories. Prior to completion in October 2004, VLK

burgh Corning; metal decking : Consolidated Systems; waterproofing

Architects worked with the campus and district staff to

and dampproofing :

implement a phased construction plan allowing the campus

panels :

to remain fully operational during the 12-month construc-

metal doors and frames : P-W Metal Products; wood and plastic doors and

tion period. The project design reorients the main entry

frames : Piper Weatherford; entrances and storefronts : U.S. Aluminum;

to a less congested side street for safer student loading

glass :

and unloading, and the drop-offs are strategically located


adjacent to a public park for community use during peak

Sherwin-Williams; letters and plaques : A.R.K. Ramos; awnings : Avadek;

traffic times on campus. The use of brick veneer on the

manufactured casework :

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a s h l e y

vide space for an early childhood program and a full-time

1 / 2



Southern Star;

masonry units :

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing;

roof and wall

MBCI Metal Roof & Wall Systems; membrane roofing : Tamko;

U.S. Aluminum; acoustical ceilings : Fry Reglet; wall coverings : acoustical wall treatments :

Wall Technology, Inc.;



paints :

Ground floor plan 1 public entrance 2 classrooms 3 commons area 4 special education 5 library 6 office 7 art 8 music 9 stage 10 cafeteria 11 gymnasium




Case Systems

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Texas Architect Jan/Feb 2006: Schools  
Texas Architect Jan/Feb 2006: Schools  

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